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Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Temp and humidity sensor
Anti-interference: Response Time 10S
Measure Range: 0%~100%RH
Measure Precisement: 2% F.S
LCD backlight: Temperature + Relative Humidity

A temperature and humidity sensor is an electronic device that measures both the temperature and humidity of the ambient environment and converts them into resistance variation signals to electronic ecircuit which can register the changes and transmit to the signal that you want. Temperature and humidity transmitter has specific die structure and IP65 rated sealing with filter options, is specially designed to support harsh environments. Strict linear response curve through humidity (10-95%) and temperature (-20 to 60°C) respectively. 

Temperature and humidity transmitter of  Specific polymer combined with calibration slope and offset skills.

What are Temperature and Humidity

Temperature is a physical quantity used to measure the degree of heat and coldness of objects. Temperature is one of the 7 basic physical quantities in the International System of Units,

Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present in the air. The relative humidity of air is commonly expressed in %RH. The relative humidity is closely related to temperature. For a certain volume of sealed gas, the higher the temperature, the lower the relative humidity.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Applications

Temperature and humidity sensors are important pressure transducer transmitter where optimum temperature and humidity control are paramount. There are Temperature and humidity Sensor applications in many industries including medical, HVAC, agriculture, manufacturing industries, and transportation. This feature protects data, equipment, and other tangibles in cases when for example air conditioning malfunctions or abnormal weather conditions occur. In many applications where maintaining a specific temperature and humidity is vital there the temperature sensor is used.

Temperature and humidity sensor. It uses a humidity thermistor and a temperature thermistor based probe to measure the surrounding air, temperature and humidity are closely related from the physical quantity itself to the actual people’s lives. The ambient temperature and humidity will directly affect people’s body temperature function and heat volatilization. For example, if products must be kept at a certain temperature and humidity or for patient monitoring, the responsiveness and accuracy of the temperature sensor are critical.

Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Sensors in Future

After the introduction of the Internet, wireless networks, and programming technology, a huge development happens between PLC or DCS technology in past is possible to control the remote temperature and humidity measurement device or controller through a WIFI-connected pad or smartphone to achieve accurate air management. LEFOO Temperature & Humidity Sensor is small in size but precise on measurement to any automating heating, cooling, or air health. Find the most convenient temperature and humidity monitoring solutions by LEFOO can be the best decision from yours.