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Lefoo 150 GPD RO Pump

RO Booster Pump 150 GPD
Pressure Booster Pump / Self-Priming Pump
Work Flow: 1.45L/min or 1.5L/min
Work Pressure: 0.5Mpa=70Psi
Noise Level: ≦48db / ≦50db
Max Current: ≦2.0A / ≦2.8A<

LEFOO 150-gpd reverse osmosis pump for house is guaranteed to provide the power for the RO system which removes up to 99% of harmful pollutants such as chlorine, toxic fluoride, detergent,arsenic, lead, nitrates, such as odor, VOCs,bacterials, The RO system is the cost-saving solution for safe drinking water and with no need of buying costly bottled water. enjoy fresh, great-tasting water right at home that is perfect for drinking and cooking. The contaminant-free drinking water offers you great safety in live basics. The 150 gpd ro booster pump  for the house is specially designed for low-pressure water areas where a standard RO system would not function well( most RO membranes require 60 Psi real water pressure).

Designed, manufactured, and tested in the LEFOO, the reverse osmosis pump is put through a rigorous quality control process to eliminate the slightest component imperfection, ensuring a smooth-running system that is free from noises, leaks, and clogs.  LEFOO GROUP provides a reliable production rate for the large family and beverage shop that demands the best. Based in China with 1 decade of experience in RO motor pump. design and production, We introduce the complex and complete testing processes to ensure ro motor pump qualities.LEFOO is committed to producing top-reliable pumps that provide 10 years of trouble-free, high quantity great taste drinking water.

High-pressure feeding: Lefoo pumps can add 75 Psi of pressure to the fluid.

Long work span: Lefoo RO pumps can serve 2000 hours of actual working time (1000 hours economic versions also have)

High water flow: The booster pump 150 gpd  for house is rated at 150 gallons per day ( Lefoo have various series of RO pumps ranging from50~2000GPD)

Still Not Find the Diaphragm Booster Pump, Here Are Some Recommendations: 

RO booster pump 100 GPD: This pump can remove 98-99 % of contaminants in the tap water or static water resource.   

300 GPD pump: This pump increase the pure water production rate for all Solid Filter Cartridges in Water Purifiers, Reduce the rejection water rate

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