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From onshore to offshore, precise manufacturing control to domestic constructing, beverage to water processing,  LEFOO offers reliable quality pumps and pressure transmitters that are the ideal solutions and vital to modern industries. This page is the index for general modern industries that need exact pressure monitoring and controls, and seawater desalination and wastewater processing that needs precise water pressure feedings and measurings. 

  • Water & Wastewater Water & Wastewater
    Water is the fundamental factor in modern industries and daily lives. However, industrial water and wastewater have the risk to increase operating costs, shorten facility span, risk of pollutant hazards, It is vital to take care of management in industrial water treatment
  • LEFOO Oil & Gas LEFOO Oil & Gas
    Precise pressure measurements and controls are the factors that enjoy the first priority of oil and gas safety productions. LEFOO temperature level transmitters, LEFOO pressure transmitters and pressure switches are ideal components in the oil and gas measuring systems.
  • Automotive Automotive
    LEFOO differential pressure products can monitor the change of indoor air pressure and can be used to detect the gas pressure in the clean ward of the negative pressure ward. The current HVAC system g...
  • Chemical Chemical
    LEFOO offer solutions for precise process monitor of explosion-proof pressure instruments, temperature and level measurements, temperature and humidity measurements, low differential pressure measures
  • Food & Beverage Food & Beverage
    LEFOO Peristaltic pumps can be used for precise fluid dispensing in the food and beverage industry. Temperature and humidity are used in air conditioning systems to control the growth of some viruses ether sensitive to temperature or humidity
  • Smart Building Smart Building
    A smart building is one that uses sensing technology to enable energy-saving and economical management. Smart buildings may use a wide range of existing technologies such as pressure sensors and environmental transmitters, building management systems...
  • Medical Medical
    LEFOO pressure transmitter temperature humidity transmitter CO2 gas transmitters Low differential pressure transducers are capable of medical applications in hospitals, labs...
  • Mining & Metal Mining & Metal
    LEFOO transmitters are capable of process monitoring, analysis, validation, and supervisory. LEFOO product offers precise monitoring of critical processes on plants, pipelines, and ships at extreme temperatures and conditions.
  • Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical
    The pharmaceutical industry invests large money in humidity and pressure measurement systems. Most drugs are sensitive to variations in humidity and temperature levels. Pressure measurement helps to improve safety and production efficiency
  • Fire Preventing Fire Preventing
    larger buildings should have multiple alarms on each level. Such as smoke alarms, temperature humidity transmitters, (things are keen to burn at high temperature and low relative humidity).
  • Pulp & Paper Pulp & Paper
    Pulp and paper production demand pressure and temperature measuring technologies to monitoring fluids, especially when measuring the highly corrosive liquors or the flow of slightly adhesive substances like glue and paste or highly abrasive slurries and pulps.
  • Renewable Energy Renewable Energy
    Solar, wind power, hydropower are the most well-known renewable energies that most people are familiar with. However, the manufacturing of power equipment or generator requires various pressure monitoring techniques.
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