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Process Safety in the Chemical industry demands to accomplish various pressure measurements for air, pH Control, Viscosity, Corrosion, Measuring Chemical Concentration with Conductivity, and of course, temperature, level, and pressure.

These measurements are vital because chemical processing undergoes extreme temperatures and pressures, particularly when working with environmentally hazardous materials, the environment Compliance from government, Maintaining safety compliance when dealing with explosive, highly corrosive, and toxic to animals and humans, whilst ensuring consistency of output, high productivity, and cost-effectiveness, is the primary task and challenge of chemical manufacturers. 

Pressure measurement is used in many applications in chemical and petrochemical industrial processes (distillation columns, reactors, separators, etc.). These applications are characterized by very wide temperature and pressure ranges and operate in highly corrosive environments (chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.).

Real-time level, flow, or density information is gained during absolute, relative, or differential pressure measurements. The excellent reliability and measuring accuracy of our equipment will increase the performance of your process to ensure maximum availability.

Chemical industries require precise pressure monitoring from explosion-proof pressure instruments, temperature, and level measurements to ensure chemical solution at a safe level in tanks, temperature and humidity measurements that to offer effective control references for manufacturing facilities, raw material stock, and HVAC system

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