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LEFOO Group will paticipate the China International Industry Fair 23rd

China’s leading industrial event China International Industry Fair 23rd will organize a gap year on December 1–5 2021. A total of leading exhibitors from China and millions of visitors will participate in the event at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)  LEFOO Group, as one of the leading industries, is opening its doors to new guests and old clients that making green shoots of automatic pressure control technologies, precise pump flow control technologies for proper support from various industrial applications. 

Top collections from LEFOO

*Pressure Transducers with various pressure ranges, accuracies, signal versions, work temperatures.
*Pressure Transmitter with LCD(accurate   pressure reading, convenient pressure set and maintenance)
*Differential low-pressure sensor(pressure   range 0~±100~±1000~±10000 pa)
*Pressure Booster Pump for Water Purifier   7.9~126 liters/hour 
*RO pump 24/36 volt 0.13~3.9 liters/minute
*Peristaltic Pump
*Temperature Humidity Transducer   

LEFOO Group will attend 23rd China International Industry Fair – CIIF 2021

Address:     National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Booth No-C078.:  6.2H

Exhibition Time:   1-5 December 2021

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