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Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

The pulp required to make a paper of the same hardness and tenacity is usually a constant consistency, and the consistency of the pulp is generally proportional to the pressure. Pulp and paper production demand pressure and temperature measuring technologies to monitoring fluids, especially when measuring the highly corrosive liquors or the flow of slightly adhesive substances like glue and paste or highly abrasive slurries and pulps. Those fluids often require a differential pressure transducer with the anti-clogging diaphragm flange parts.

The new paper that has just been converted from pulp to paper is sensitive to temperature and humidity. Too low humidity will cause the paper to break, while too high humidity is not conducive to paper drying, too low temperature is not conducive to paper forming, and too high temperature will cause the paper to be tough. The temperature will drop, so temperature and humidity sensors are needed to monitor the temperature and humidity of the air during the production process.

LEFOO pressure switches LF08, LF20, and level pressure transducer T3000 are also applied in liquid level monitor and control for liquid storage tanks such as water, and chemical solutions.

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