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Uses and Application Range of the Peristaltic Pump

Introduction of the lefoo peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump is a type of pump that realizes fluid delivery by squeezing a hose. Usually, the pump with a pressure higher than 0.4Mpa is called a hose pump, and that with a pressure lower than 0.4Mpa is called a peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pumps are divided into plug-and-play complete sets of peristaltic pumps and OEM peristaltic pumps for OEM customers, equipment manufacturers and machinery manufacturers. It is suitable for independent work, such as in the laboratories, industrial production, etc.

For Lefoo peristaltic pumps manufacturers, From the perspective of product function, the main purpose of the peristaltic pump is: quantitative or metered delivery, and quantitative or metered distribution. Therefore, peristaltic pumps can be selected to meet the application requirements for all application scenarios that require quantitative delivery and distribution.

The use of the cheap peristaltic pumps can also be simply considered from the perspective of the working state of the pump: forward running, reverse running, running time, stopping time, running speed. The technological process required by the application can be met through these states of fixed speed or variable speed. The application of peristaltic pump can meet the entire process from laboratory to production, including analytical instrument application, laboratory, technological control, and industrial manufacturing process.

Advantages of peristaltic pump

Low-shear; non-polluting and sterile delivery; hose is the only consumable; stable and accurate metering; easy to install; simple to operate; low maintenance cost; easy to expand; reversible positive and negative rotation; the function of siphon stop valve is not available; self-priming and dry operation; the capacity of viscous conveying.

Applications of peristaltic pumps

There are many applications of peristaltic pumps, and the general application industries include:

(1) Analytical instruments: chromatograph, atomic fluorescence spectrometer.

(2) Medical industry: medical equipment and diagnostic reagents.

(3) Biopharmaceuticals: coating machines, granulating and pelletizing machines, and fermentation tanks. It is used for purification, fluid transportation, distribution and filling, and high-precision liquid preparation.

(4) Experimental research: laboratories and research equipment.

(5) Food and beverages: freshly blended beverage machines, yogurt machines, self-service vending machines, distribution and addition of condiment, beer industry.

(6) Environmental industry: the peristaltic liquid pump can be used as environmental water quality analysis instruments, quality control instruments, water quality sampling instruments, and flue gas analyzers.

(7) Printing and packaging: conveying ink and coating solvents, coatings and adhesives.

(8) Inkjet inks: inkjet printers, printers.

(9) Washing and cleaning: washing machine, dishwasher.

(10) Mining: transfer abrasive ore and tailings slurry, filter supply liquid, flocculant metering and chemical metering, ore sampling, pumping thickener underflow.

(11) Industrial applications: metering of sand-based colloids, metering of abrasive coating solutions, metering of high-viscosity resins, chemical recycling, coatings and paints.

Peristaltic pumps have excellent performance and reliability, so they have a wide range of applications and can meet the application needs of various processes, including many fields from experimental scientific research, analytical instruments to industrial production. Therefore, peristaltic pumps are very versatile and widely used.

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