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Returns Policy


Please carefully inspect the following products ordered from LEFOO when you receive them. If you do not meet your reservation requirements or find that the products have surface quality problems, please take a photos and contact the sales engineer who served for you. Once this kind of product is signed, within 7 days, the product will maintain the original quality and function when it was sold, and the product itself, accessories, and trademark logos are complete, and you can return the product without reason. Within 30 days, accept the return application due to quality reasons. 

  • For more information on refund timing and amounts (including partial refunds and restocking fees), please contact the sales engineer who served for you. ·

  • If you have returned an item to LEFOO by mistake or included something not intended for LEFOO in a return, please contact the sales engineer who served for you. 

To ensure a good return experience for you, you must adhere to LEFOO’s Return and Refund policies. Thank you for your cooperation.

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