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What Are the Advantages of Peristaltic Pumps Used in Water Quality Samplers?

Ⅰ. The working principle of peristaltic pump

A peristaltic pump is like squeezing a hose full of fluid with your fingers. As the fingers slide forward, the fluid in the tube moves forward. The peristaltic pump also uses the same principle, except that the finger is replaced by a roller.

The fluid is delivered by alternately squeezing and releasing the elastic delivery hose of the peristaltic pump. Just like squeezing a hose with two fingers, as the fingers move, negative pressure is formed in the tube, and the liquid flows along with it.

With the wide application of peristaltic pumps, there are more and more peristaltic pump manufacturers.

Ⅱ. Why does the water quality automatic sampler use a peristaltic pump?

In the process of realizing water quality sampling, the water pump used by the automatic water sampler is in most cases a peristaltic pump. what is the reason?

1. No contamination-the liquid only touches the pump tube of the peristaltic pump, which can effectively avoid contamination during the collection of water samples, and at the same time prevent corrosion and damage to the pump itself caused by corrosive water samples.

2. Durability-the peristaltic pump is suitable for various industrial or laboratory conditions. Due to the simple structure of the peristaltic pump and its low failure rate, it can perform long-term uninterrupted work. The only part that needs to be replaced regularly is the hose.

3. Easy to clean and clean-just simply replace the small peristaltic pump tube to start working again. There is no need to clean and clean the peristaltic pump body to a large extent. The peristaltic tube can be replaced to collect liquids of different types and different compositions.

4. The peristaltic pump has many uses. The gentle, low-shear flow is suitable for liquids, gases, two-phase flows and high-viscosity fluids. Because the peristaltic pump has this characteristic, it can be applied to a wide range of sewage collection occasions.

5. The maintenance cost of the peristaltic pump is low. No seals and no valves make the user's use and maintenance process simple, and maintenance operations can be performed without professional knowledge or professionals.

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