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Lefoo 100 GPD RO Pump

RO booster pump 100 GPD
Pressure Booster Pump / Self-Priming Pump
Work Flow: 0.98L/min or 1.05L/min
Work Pressure: 0.5Mpa=70Psi
Noise Level: ≦45db / ≦50db
Max Current: ≦1.4A / ≦2.1A

The water purifier manufacturers can employ 100 gpd pump as pressure boosting devices in their products. The reverse osmosis system can remove 98-99 % of contaminants in the tap water or static water resource.  The ro booster pump 100 gpd can increase the water production efficiency by 70 psi pressure feeding.

Reverse Osmosis of RO Booster Pump 100 GPD

Reverse Osmosis is the reverse process of natural osmosis. Solutions with low salinity and low density have a natural tendency to migrate to solutions with high salinity and high density. The reverse osmosis membrane of the RO water booster pump divides the water into two pass way, the permeated water passes through the RO membrane to the clean water tank, and the rejected water goes to the waste solution tank. The RO system will remove the majority of dissolved salts, contaminants, bacteria, and things that make water taste bad. By applying pressure the efficiency of purifying water is greater than the naturally Reverse Osmosis. The RO water has a fresh healthy taste that is better than tap water by use RO motor pump.

There are many contaminants in raw water and not required in pure water applications.

Primary contaminants

Microorganisms,Cyclospora,Viruses,Giardia,Legionella,Inorganic Chemicals,Barium,Chromium,Fluoride,Selenium,Copper,Lead,Mercury,Nitrate,Cyanide,Organic Chemicals,Benzene,Carbon Tetrachloride,Disinfection Byproducts,Bromate,Disinfectants,Chlorine,Radionuclides, Uranium,Radium

Secondary contaminants

Aluminum, Color, Iron, Manganese, Odors, Sulfate, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

Unregulated Contaminants

Ammonia,Boron,Calcium,Nickel,Pesticides,PFOA & PFOS,Prescription Drugs,Silica,Algae

Still Not Find the Diaphragm Booster Pump, Here Are Some Recommendations: 

RO booster pump 150 GPD: This pump provide the power for the RO system which removes up to 99% of harmful pollutants such as chlorine, toxic fluoride, detergent,arsenic, lead, nitrates, such as odor, VOCs,bacterials

300 GPD pump: This pump increase the pure water production rate for all Solid Filter Cartridges in Water Purifiers, Reduce the rejection water rate

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