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Lefoo 115VAC RO Diaphragm Booster Pump

Low vibration and low noise, self-priming and stable pressure feeding, LEFOO 115VAC RO Diaphragm booster pump are ideal for indoor RO system applications and DIY water booster systems. The diaphragm booster pump  can be used as long as it is plugged into the municipal power supply.  With the pre-treatment filters and RO membrane, the pump can produce pure water that barely has any pollutants and odor that make the water a fresh taste. The RO treatment industry is pollutant-free and has a lower cost when compared to the bottled water industry. 

The RO pump manufacturer LEFOO will be the one-stop solution for your business.

Specification of 115VAC RO Diaphragm Booster Pump

Parameters of 115VAC RO Diaphragm Booster Pump
Connection3/8"NPT 3/8NPT'O' 1/4" Top Female quick connector, 1/4" Side Female quick connector, 1/4" Male quick connector

LEFOO Diaphragm Booster Pump 115v Parameters

Product ModelLFP5050WLFP5075WLFP5100WLFP5150WLFP5200WLFP5300WLFP5400WLFP5500WLFP5600W
Inlet Pressure0.2MPa
Boost Pressure0.5Mpa0.5Mpa0.7Mpa0.5Mpa0.7Mpa
Work Current≤0.17A≤0.19A≤0.3A≤0.35A≤0.45A≤0.6A≤0.63A≤0.7A≤0.8A≤0.75A≤0.85A
Work Flow≥600ml/min≥750ml/min≥980ml/min≥1500ml/min≥1900ml/min≥2700ml/min≥2950ml/min≥3250ml/min≥2800ml/min≥3600ml/min≥3200ml/min
Open Flow≥1600ml/min≥1800ml/min≥2000ml/min≥2200ml/min≥2500ml/min≥3500ml/min≥4000ml/min≥4800ml/min≥5500ml/min
Bypass Pressure0.8~1.05Mpa
Max Current≤0.24A≤0.28A≤0.4A≤0.55A≤0.65A≤0.85A≤0.97A≤1.05A
CertificationsNSF, FDA, CE, ROHS, UL, REACH, EU Food Grade, BPA Free

Overview: 115V AC RO Diaphragm Booster Pump equipped with strong impetus DC motor with low noise, low vibration. The wet parts comply with food-grade requirements with high-strength plastic and metal pressure components, and the materials of sealing parts are all imported. Whole process quality control in electrical, sealing and water producing.

lefoo Product Features

Electrical Machinery

Model: 115VAC50/60HZ, which is a fully enclosed permanent magnet DC motor with natural cooling mode;

Power Line: It is able to be matched 1 meter or random lengths for the three-core power cord 18AWG with length 350mm.

Working System: According to different working conditions, S1 work continuously but S3 work intermittently.

Configuration: When the shell temperature rises to 64℃, the motor will stop working until the shell temperature drops to 35℃because of the overtemperature protection system in it.

Bottom: Pls see the second diagram and the motor can be selected with or without the base.

Pump: Pls, see the third diagram. A Three-chamber diaphragm pump with a self-priming function and the head can choose different joints according to different plug requirements.

Typical Application: It is used for conveying or pressurizing drinking water or other liquids.

Key Material

Pump: PA66(polyamide-66)

Picture: EPDM

Diaphragm: Santoprene (SP)

Faster: Stainless steel (SS)

Working Environmental Temperature: 5℃~40℃

Water Temperature: 5℃-38℃

Authentication Certificate: ROSH, CE, CQC, UL, NSF

Temperature rise curve: It is shown in figure 4 that the temperature rise curves of inlet 30PSI, outlet 70psi and 100psi at the corresponding ambient temperature of 31℃.

Flow and Current curve: Pls check the fifth chart and the characteristic curve is 30PSI for the water inlet.

Life: > 2000 hours (inlet 30PSI, outlet 70psi)

Noise: ≤35dB (A) (inlet 30PSI, outlet 70psi)

Features of 115VAC RO Diaphragm Booster Pump

Compliant with Rohs, CE, CQC certification

Robust Structure featured with Food Grade Parts

Easy install, low noise, and outstanding vibration control

Whole process quality control in electrical, sealing and water producing.

LEFOO Features of 115V Diaphragm Booster Pump

Application of 115VAC RO Diaphragm Booster Pump

The diaphragm booster pump can be used in the following conditions:

RO water purifier pump, Aeroponics and hydroponics RO system,  pressure adding pump

Water Treatment/RO

Carbonation Systems

Beverage/Coffee Systems

Water Vending, Dispensing


Misting Systems

Surface Sanitation


HVAC Coil Cleaning

Medical Lab Water

Autoclave Systems

Endoscope Reprocessing/Chemical Boost

Dialysis Chemical Injection

Methanol & Water Injection

Sparkling Water Machine

Commercial Sparkling Water Machine

Commercial Carbonated Water Machine

Carbonation Systems

Commercial Water Dispenser

Water Dispensers

Soda Machine

RO Purifier

RO Water Dispenser

Water Coolers

Misting System

Teeth Cleaning Industry

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