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Why is the Laboratory Peristaltic Pump So Popular?

Laboratory peristaltic pumps are equipped with common DC geared motors, DC planetary geared motors (quantitative) and stepper motors (drive options, variable flow). Stepper motor peristaltic pump meets the requirements for long life and low noise operation.

Laboratory peristaltic pumps are mainly used for the preparation of small equipment or instruments (such as adding laboratory reagent droplets, adding elements in biochemical experiments). At the same time, it is used for detergent transportation in washing machines or dishwashers, related reagent entry for analyzers, ink transportation in printing equipment, and beverage transportation in beverage machines.

So what are the advantages of laboratory peristaltic pumps? Let's LEFOO peristaltic pumps manufacturers take you to have a look:

1. The peristaltic pump is not polluted

This product is mostly used in the production process of chemical and pharmaceutical companies, so the common feature of these companies is that some chemical raw materials can be used in production. This chemical raw material will cause a certain degree of pollution and corrosion to surrounding objects or facilities. When in use, the liquid with chemical composition only contacts the peristaltic pump tubing, so contamination will not occur.

2. Wide applicability and easy cleaning of peristaltic pump

Because the peristaltic pump relies on an elastic hose to transport the liquid under working conditions, the shear rate is low. It is not only suitable for transporting liquid, gas and two-phase flow, but also for transporting fluids with high viscosity properties. So simply replace the peristaltic pump tubing and get back to work. In addition, cleaning problems can be solved by simply replacing the hose, so no special cleaning is required.

3. The maintenance of the peristaltic pump is simple and convenient

Using the siphon principle, it has a very good self-absorption function, so it can be dried when used, has a self-absorption function, and will not be easily damaged. In addition, this product does not have seals and valves. It's easy to maintain and doesn't require breaking down multiple parts like other types of pumps.

Loosen the pressure line block when not working to prolong the life of the peristaltic pump. The product is suctioned and delivered by the natural repulsion of the compressed hose and hose. To preserve the life of the pump tubing, extend the life of the pump tubing by lifting the pump head pressure block as far as possible when the pump is not in use, allowing the tubing to remain naturally unstressed.

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