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The Function and Application of Booster Pump for Water Purifier

A water pump is a machine that transports or pressurizes a liquid. It transmits the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid to increase the liquid energy, and is mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid-base liquid, emulsion, suspoemulsion and liquid metal.

1. Introduction of Lefoo external booster pump for water purifier

As the name implies, ro motor pump is a pump used for pressurization. Its main uses are water heater pressurization, low water pressure in high buildings, sauna, bathing and other pressurization, pressurization of insufficient water pressure on the uppermost floor of the apartment, solar automatic pressurization, reverse osmosis purification. Water booster, etc.

Diaphragm pump: Diaphragm pump, also known as control pump, is the main type of actuator, which receives the control signal output by the control unit. Diaphragm pumps are powered by power to change the flow of fluid. The diaphragm pump is a metering pump, which can control the water output, boost the pump, and increase the water pressure.

Remarks: Diaphragm pumps and booster pumps are two completely different types of pumps.

The external booster pump for household water purifiers is a diaphragm booster pump. The principle is to use a diaphragm to boost pressure, which is a diaphragm pump.

2. The role of the external booster pump for water purifier in the water purifier:

Provide the water inlet pressure to the R0 membrane, so that the source water can pass through the R0 membrane normally, so as to obtain pure water. The external booster pump of the pure water machine is to compensate for the lack of tap water pressure. Generally, the pressure of tap water is about 2 kg, while the working pressure of the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be more than 6 kg; and the pump is the source of this additional 4 kg pressure.

3. What is the difference between a external booster pump for water purifier and a self-priming pump?

The booster pump can be used normally when the water pressure is above 1 kg. When using the external booster pump for water purifier, try to use the water pressure above 1.5 kg.

Self-priming pumps do not have any requirements for water pressure. The disadvantage is that the noise is too large. It is mainly used in environments where there is no water pressure or the tap water pressure is less than 1 kg.

Remarks: The quality of the pump is also distinguished and judged by the self-priming pump, not the water purifier booster pump.

4. How to judge whether to use a external booster pump for water purifier or a self-priming pump?

When the source water has no pressure, use a self-priming pump (such as well water, water in a water tank, river water, bottled water, wine, and stationary water sources). When the source water has a certain pressure, use a water purifier to increase. Compression pump (generally, a booster pump can be used, such as tap water, water tower water above the second floor).

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