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What Does a Domestic Booster Pump Do? How to Install It Better?

What is the role of domestic tap water booster pump? In fact, we can generally have a preliminary understanding from the name. It is a machine that can increase the pressure of tap water. So how to install and use this booster pump better? Next, let's take a look with the editor to know!

Ⅰ. Installation of tap water booster pump

1. Check the parts

Before preparing to install the home booster pump for water purifier, it is necessary to check whether the firmware of each part of the booster pump is loose, and whether there is any foreign matter blockage in the flow channel of the pump body, so as to avoid the situation that cannot be cleaned after the later installation.

2. Installation location

When installing a domestic booster pump, it is necessary to install it vertically or horizontally. The direction of the water flow needs to be consistent with the direction of the arrow displayed on the pump body, and try to install it at the position closest to the water level.

3. Installation details

Add a valve in front of the domestic booster pump as much as possible, so that it is more convenient to maintain in the future. In addition, pay attention to installing a pressure gauge outside the pump outlet, so that you can check that the pump is used within the rated head and flow range, which can also prolong the life of the booster pump.

Ⅱ. Precautions for installation of tap water booster pump

1. Install the check valve

When the liquid level to be pumped is lower than the upper end face of the impeller of the domestic booster pump or the shaft of the pump, the domestic booster pump should be installed with a check valve, and the outlet end should be connected to a three-way for water diversion. Fill the pump with water and tighten the plug.

2. Pipeline connection

The pipeline connection should be tight, especially the water inlet pipeline should not leak air, otherwise the pump head will be reduced or the water will not be pumped.

3. How to use

Do not run for a long time before water enters the cavity of the household booster pump to avoid damage to the seal.

4. Socket

To ensure safe use, you must use a three-pin safety socket with a ground wire.

5. Safety protector

The motor coil is equipped with a safety protector. When the pump fails or the water cannot be pumped, the motor can be automatically cut off when the temperature exceeds the specified value. After the fault is eliminated, the motor can automatically resume operation after the temperature rises.

Ⅲ. How to choose a booster pump

1. Determine the type of use

The booster pump can be divided into liquid, gas, gas-liquid, etc. When choosing a booster pump, you can choose a suitable booster pump according to the needs of use.

2. Selection of booster pump model

When selecting a booster pump, attention should be paid to parameters such as flow rate, head, material, and medium specific gravity. In the case of the same head and the same flow, the power is small and the efficiency is high, that is, the performance is good. At present, most booster pumps on the market are marked with the maximum head flow.

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