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Types of LEFOO Pumps and Pressure Sensing Products

LEFOO can design and manufacture all kinds of pressure, temperature, flow control switches, sensors, transmitters and other products according to the requirements of the application system operation.

As industry leading pressure transducer manufacturers, Lefoogroup will offer you high-quality pump pressure switch, a variety of pressure sensing products, different pressure transducers and transmitters that are compatible with a variety of liquids and gases.

Like ordinary products, the brand has a very large impact on the pressure transducer price. Generally, imported pressure sensors have a great advantage in the brand due to their strong pressure transducer manufacturers. The prices of imported brands of pressure transducers are generally higher, while domestically produced pressure sensors have a large advantage. The pressure transducers of Lefoo pressure control are more cost-effective than imported ones.

Advantage of LEFOO

  • Company Capability

    25 years of pressure technology & micro pumps
    ISO9001 & ISO14001 verified by TUV and SGS
    Supplier of Global 500 & world-famous brands
  • Company Features

    Large-scale production, Cost-effective
    Quick lead time, Quality assurance
    Professional R&D team & ODM & OEM ability
  • Pressure Technology

    Compliant with CE, RoHS certifications
    High stability, Wide range & applications
    Complete quality control and high standard test
  • Pump Specifications

    RO pump & Peristaltic pump & Vane pump
    50GPD to 1200GPD for DC & AC, ODM & OEM
    Noise and vibration control, Reliable and long lifetime

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