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What Are the Types of LEFOO's AC Diaphragm Booster Pumps?

The AC diaphragm booster pump is powered by AC (115V and 230V). These pumps are optional for RO systems such as water purifiers, aeroponics and hydroponics applications.

1. Diaphragm booster pump 115V

LEFOO diaphragm pump 115v with low vibration and low noise, self-priming and stable pressure supply, is ideal for indoor RO system applications and DIY water booster systems. The diaphragm booster pump can be used as long as it is plugged into the mains.

With pretreatment filters and RO membranes, the pump can produce pure water with virtually no contaminants and odors, giving the water a fresh taste. The RO treatment industry is non-polluting and lower cost compared to the bottled water industry.

The 115V AC RO diaphragm booster pump is equipped with a powerful DC motor with low noise and vibration. Meets food grade requirements, adopts high-strength plastic and metal pressure components, and has full-process quality control of electrical, sealing and water making.

2. Diaphragm booster pump 230V

LEFOO AC Diaphragm Booster Pump AC 230V series range is 50~800 GPD. The pump is easy to install in RO purifier, soda water chiller as a water pressure booster. LEFOO, a professional mass production manufacturer, provides optimal solutions for customized needs of customers. As an RO pump manufacturing specialist, LEFOO always serves its customers with high quality pumps, price and service.

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