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Lefoo Digital Pressure Switch

Pressure Range: -100~100kpa
Pressure Accuracy: 1%FSO
Work Temperature: 0~50 °C
Measure media: Non-corrosive dry gas
Output: digital 4~20ma/1~5V, Swith NPN /PNP

LEFOO digital pressure switch pressure measurement

The piezo-resistive works on a Wheatstone bridge principle that will undergo deformation due to pressure on its area and change resistivities on 4 bridges, this is called the piezo-resistive effect. Usually, four strain gauges are embedded and connected to a Wheatstone bridge.  The signal amplifier amplifies the measuring signals from the strain gauge and Wheatstone bridge and synchronously optimizes the results, and the results are transferred by the squeezing electric power of the silicon wafer.

The digital pressure switch is used to replace electric contact pressure gauges and used in systems with higher requirements for industrial control. This digital LEFOO pressure switch has a wide application in monitoring and controlling the flow of air and aggressive gases. For the consideration of environment friendly and less contaminant we did not use oil-extended silicon sensor. This digital pressure switch is built in a plastic housing and it might undergo deformation when encounter extreme huge pressure and influence its accuracy.  The digital pressure switches made by Lefoo is mainly based on diffused silicon piezoresistive sensor and electric circuit bridge in the relay, that provides both pressure measurement and simple control movement. 

The digital pressure switch has a built-in precision pressure sensor, which amplifies the pressure signal through a high-precision instrument amplifier, collects and processes data through a high-speed MCU, and generally uses a 4-digit LED to display the pressure in real time, and the relay signal output. The upper and lower limit control points can be set freely.

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