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Pressure Transmitter

LEFOO pressure transmitter offers digital pressure readings on an LCD, robust quality and anti-interference, explosion-proof,CE and RoHS certified, optional pressure exactness ±0.1%F.S / ±0.25%F.S / ±0.5%F.S / ±1.0%F.S

The pressure transmitter has the application used in pressure measurement of media such as liquids, air, and vapor.  Accuracy and stability in the monitoring will ensure a reliable and efficient operation for industrial and residential needs. Reliable manufacturing and precise technology ensure that the pressure transmitter works perfectly. Pressure transmitters as an essential part of differential air pressure sensor employ additional electronics to compensate for temperature deviations and linearity faults.

How Pressure Transmitter Works

The pressure transmitter is equipped for absolute pressure and gauge pressure measurements. Steel diaphragm fitted to pipework can register bitty deformations relating to pressure, which is charged into an electrical signal by a silicon wafer or a gold-plated circuit embedded on a ceramic base within the pressure transmitter. The pressure transmitter transforms the basic measure signal into the desired energy signal that transferred to a control system. Pressure transmitters based on piezo-resistive sensor technology, combined with robust housing stainless steel and thermoset plastics. Lefoo makes different types pressure transmitter which may be adapted to most electrical and mechanical connections.

Where to Utilize Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters commonly utilize on a server end installed with pressure protocol software to filter pass the pressure signal, the server end are able to control electronic devices and equipment based on these pressure data.

Pressure transmitters have a wide utilization among industries installed in the harsh environment of an offshore drilling  or a refinery in the desert, hydraulic or pneumatic, basic sanitation, machine manufacturers, and security monitoring., They are also available on-shore petrochemical, gas, and chemical facilities. Laboratories also use pressure sensors to measure the relative pressure of vacuum chambers to the atmosphere, supporting a limitless range of emerging studies.

As the digital display pressure transmitter manufacturer, LEFOO pressure control is mainly engaged in industrial display pressure transmitters, flow meters, with high accuracy and good stability and affordable price. At the same time, LEFOO provides you with a comprehensive and complete measurement solution.

LEFOO pressure level transmitter is measured over the entire pressure and temperature profile and compared to the desired signal span, pressure measurement are precisely monitored to ensure safe delivery and eventual application. This is especially important in applications where high requirements are placed on long-term stability, vibration resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, shock resistance, or temperature insensitivity.