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How to Match a Suitable Booster Pump to a Household Water Purifier?

Residents living on high floors have low water pressure due to the small drop of the water in the roof water tank; municipal tap water is transported to the home through a long pipe network, and the water pressure will also decrease, and there may even be no water. At this time, it is necessary to install a booster pump to help the home water purifier work normally. However, there are many types of booster pumps on the market, how should you choose?

1. In the case of the same head and the same flow of the booster pump:

The booster pump with low power has high water pump efficiency, which means good performance.

Booster pumps are marked with the highest head flow rate and rated head flow rate. Most of the booster pumps on the market are marked with the highest head flow rate, but some manufacturers' booster pump heads are marked outrageously. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, consumers should know more about the actual head and actual flow of the booster pump before purchasing a hand pump.

2. The selection of the booster pump should be determined according to the actual scene:

For example, the length of the pipeline, the size of the pipe diameter, the number of elbows, the capacity of the water purifier, the type of the water purifier, the water output of the nozzle, and so on.

It should be noted that pipeline pressurization does not mean that everything will be fine after installing a booster pump. There are many reasons for low water pressure. For example, pipeline aging, especially galvanized pipes, will gradually corrode after many years of use, resulting in pipeline blockage and reduced water flow. ; There are also too many 90-degree elbows, which will also reduce the water output.

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