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Water Leakage Discharge, Maintenance Method and Water Production Maintenance of Booster Pump for Water Purifier

With the popularity of household water purifiers, we can see a variety of water purifier products in the market, but most direct drinking water purifiers will have a booster pump for water purifier  in the internal structure. Because this model adopts RO reverse osmosis technology, water purifiers using this technology need high-pressure pumps for pressurization, and only the pressurized water molecules can penetrate the 0.0001-micron reverse osmosis membrane and finally achieve the purpose of direct drinking. Of course, it is not that all home appliances will not have any problems when they are used all the time. There will be exceptions. Recently, a friend asked us that the booster pump for water purifier is running silently now, and there is water leakage. What is going on?

Ⅰ. Water leakage discharge and maintenance method of the booster pump for water purifier

In the market, some families use water purifiers normally, but someday there may be various problems with the water purifier. Of course, some people will say that these problems are not the manufacturer's?

But it is true, but as for these problems, we must first understand what is wrong. We can investigate some small problems by ourselves. Even if there is a problem, we can send it directly to the manufacturer, and the fastest round trip will take 6 days. In addition, the inspection time will take 8-9 days. If you know the problem and let the manufacturer send the accessories directly, it will only take 2-3 days, so we can understand some things and know what the situation is.

The water leakage of the booster pump for water purifier is discharged from the machine. First of all, if it is found that the pump does not vibrate in the past, check whether the pump is shut down or check whether there is water leakage inside the machine. Use a dry rag to completely dry the internal water. After drying the pump together, check the water inlet and outlet of the pump to see if there is water leakage at the water inlet and outlet of the pump.

The second is to check the pump body to see if there is water leakage caused by cracks in the pump itself. If so, please contact the manufacturer directly and ask them to send you a pump.

Ⅱ. The booster pump for water purifier can not make water maintenance steps

1. You can check whether the power supply is not connected well or not.

2. For models with a microcomputer, you can also check whether the computer box is faulty.

3. If this is no problem, you can continue to check whether the line connection of the whole machine is wrong, or whether the high-voltage pump and the transformer are short-circuited.

4. Check whether the high pressure switch or water level controller fails or cannot be reset.

5. When there is electricity, you can check whether the lower low-voltage switch fails and the circuit cannot be connected.

Some fault problems of the booster pump for water purifier are almost the same as the above. Consumers can gradually eliminate them. The maintenance of the water purifier is actually very easy. The only thing to pay attention to when installing the water pipe is to be careful to avoid water leakage.

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