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Lefoo Brushless RO Booster Pump

This brushless RO booster pump series is powered by a permanent magnet brushless motor, 0.5/0.7 Mpa pressure feeding,42~45db noise level, adjustable pressure, Workflow 2.7~5Liter per minute, Max current 3.2~5.0A

What is a Brushless RO booster pump?

A brushless RO booster pump employs the NdFeB permanent magnet arc motor that has no-brush, which provides tremendous magnetic torque and has the lowest noise level, Lefoo brushless pump pumping pressure for Reverse Osmosis water system which can generate 300-1000 gallons per day. Helps increase the pressure and volume of reverse osmosis water that flows to the storage tank, to the tap, to the faucet or showerhead. low tap water pressure under 40 psi is a nuisance in daily lives. Low water pressure can be fatal In food and beverage RO water applications, A brushless RO booster pump may be the ideal solution to offer the pressure for commercial RO water systems from Lefoo.

What is a Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis is a process in which tap water or outdoor water passes through filters and passes through a semi-membrane that removes contaminants and becomes the purify water transferred by the pipework to the clean water tank.  The contaminants could be chemicals, bacteria and viruses, Calcium salts and alkalis, and heavy metals. The purity and quantity of RO water are pending on the water pressure in the tap water chamber separated by the RO semi-membrane.

A reverse osmosis water system is consists of numerous water filters, an RO booster pump( when city water pressure is under 60 psi), clean water camber, dirty water camber, and pipe works. RO water systems can be used to remove impurities, solids, and chemicals. Reverse osmosis is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the fact it can remove more than most other systems.

Where to Apply Brushless RO Booster Pump

Tap water or town water (city water) are raw waters that contain bleach, chlorine, minerals, which are bad in taste. Outdoor waters and groundwater are raw waters that may contain contaminants, viruses, and parasites, too many minerals, alkalis, mercury, lead, and salt. People in some mountain areas often drink calcium-salt water, which is prone to kidney stones. Drinking water with excessive mercury and lead is prone to poisoning, leading to blindness, hair loss, or rickets. RO requires a higher pressure pump to drive the water through the membranes. For public water supply facilities in these areas, it is highly suggested to have one Brushless RO Booster Pump

The RO process improves the purity and quality of the incoming water supply by reducing the micro-Siemens and total dissolved solids (TDS). Some food and beverage industries in the cities and towns need Brushless RO Booster Pumps in their RO water systems, which is for commercial purposes as RO water tastes quite fresh and light. The pump provides the ultra boosting needed to bring your water pressure to the desired level. A brushless RO booster pump provides pressure to move water from a storage tank or throughout a whole house or commercial facility.

What are the components of a Brushless RO Booster Pump?

The pump contains the same core components:

Motor, A motor offers power and torque.

Irregular propellers for up and down spinning, and boost the pressure

Fluid chambers to recycle and control the water flow

Inlet and outlet for pipework

flow sensing device

Need a Brushless RO Booster Pump?

Which booster pump you need depends on how much water your end customer use, the desired pressure, and the location of their water source. If they have a large house need a booster pump capable of supplying water to the second or third floor. Applications, like reverse osmosis water systems with low feed pressure or water with a high TDS (total dissolved solids), require a lot more pressure.

LEFOO RO booster pumps are extensively applied to varying industry fields, such as Home Water Purification, Food and Beverage Industry,  Hotel Water Treatment, MedicalIndustry.

Each RO booster pump is given 100% quality inspections including  High voltage test, working flow rate, open flow rate, inlet pressure test, outlet pressure test, water-leakage test, self-priming test, and motor sound test. A Brushless RO Booster Pump increases water pressure and improves the flow rate. The LEFOO pump pictured below has a sensing device that helps manage and maintain a level of pressure.

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