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What is a Diaphragm Pump for Water Purifier?

1. What is a diaphragm pump for water purifier?

Diaphragm pump for water purifier is a new generation of diaphragm booster pump developed and improved by traditional RO booster pump for many years. It is generally suitable for household reverse osmosis water purification system and household RO membrane water purifier under the condition of inlet pipe pressure.

It has the characteristics of vacuum water absorption, super self-absorption capacity, vertical self-absorption capacity of more than 2m, can automatically and forcefully remove the air in the pipe, low noise, weak acid and weak alkali corrosion resistance.

It solves the problem that the traditional booster pump loses pressure due to the change of the internal structure of the pump head due to the long-term temperature change in winter, solves the problem of instantaneous water hammer phenomenon in high buildings and the problem of water leakage of the pump head caused by the water pressure of more than 10kg; In the water pipe or pump, causing the problem of water not sucking up.

2. The diaphragm pump for water purifier is used in RO membrane water purification machine

The diaphragm pump for water purifier has an air pump, which has a stronger self-priming ability and is suitable for household RO membrane water purifiers in rural areas without pipe pressure.

Adjustable pressure stabilizer pump, it is a booster pump designed according to the working parameters of household RO membrane elements. It contains all the advantages of the second-generation booster pump, and truly solves the problems faced by household reverse osmosis machines due to different water conditions in different places. Water leakage, pressure loss, overpressure and other problems caused by factors such as pressure, seasonal climate and water temperature, to ensure the life of each machine and the production capacity of RO membrane water.

After the RO water machine leaves the factory, it faces different water inlet pressures in different regions, which will make the traditional booster pump unstable and have different water outlet pressures, which leads to the uncontrollable and normalized water quality of the RO water machine, and The key factor that all RO water machines are prone to failure is a problem that traditional pumps can never solve. Moreover, the "diaphragm" of the traditional booster pump is easily torn or leaked due to the high water inlet pressure after the booster work, which is one of the important reasons for directly shortening the service life of the pump.

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