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Common Troubleshooting and Selection of RO Booster Pump

1. What is RO booster pump

The main function of the RO water booster pump is to pressurize the water. Electric appliances such as water purifiers have too little water yield because of the low water pressure due to the low water supply pressure of the tap water, which can be improved by installing a booster pump. To learn more about ro motor pump or ro pressure pump, please contact Lefoo.

2. Common troubleshooting of booster pump for water purifier

When the ro water pumps function for water purifier is running, there may be many reasons that cause the booster pump to not work normally. Common faults are:

(1) The seals of the driving piston are severely worn, resulting in air leakage on the upper and lower sides of the piston;

(2) The reversing valve is not clean or cannot move normally due to the damage to the seal;

(3) The connection between the two pistons in the booster pump is damaged, the split pin falls off, and the two-piston rods are misaligned, which makes the piston rod unable to rotate;

(4) Air leakage occurs in the seals of the booster cylinder.

The above mentioned are all common faults that are prone to occur in the booster pump for water purifier. It can help you find the cause as soon as possible, and then you can replace the parts yourself, saving time and maintenance costs.

3. What's wrong with the noise of RO booster pump?

(1) Check whether the water in the raw water pipeline is cut off, causing the booster pump to run dry, and causing the water purifier to make loud noises. If so, open the three-way valve to allow water to enter the machine.

(2) Check whether the RO filter pump is malfunctioning, has excessive vibration or friction sound, etc. If yes, replace the booster pump. You can consult the water purifier manufacturer for the replacement method and configuration.

(3) Check if the water purifier is placed firmly. Place the water purifier properly, and do not put the water purifier in an empty place.

(4) Check whether the water pipe is too long, the vibration of the pump makes the water pipe knock the casing, etc. Find the source of the vibration and remove the longer resonant water pipe. If noise occurs after a few years, there is a probability of 80% that it is because of the damage of the booster pump. It's time to change the booster pump for the water purifier.

The booster pump for RO system is mainly driven by the low-pressure gas of the large-area piston to produce high-pressure liquid on the small-area piston, and the high-pressure plunger is controlled by the one-way valve that continuously discharges the liquid. Its maintenance is relatively simple, cost-effective, and highly adjustable. Its output pressure and flow are adjusted by the pressure regulating valve to adjust the driving air pressure so that the output pressure of the pneumatic pipeline booster pump can be precisely adjusted between the pre-increase pressure and the maximum output pressure.

4. How to choose a booster pump for water purifier

When the flow of tap water is less than the flow of the water pump or greater than the flow of the water pump, its boosting effect will be unsatisfactory. Therefore, the type of booster pump should be determined according to the specific situation. In addition, it is recommended that you should try to choose a better brand when buying. At the same time, users must also learn about the actual parameters of the RO booster pump from the merchant and then choose products according to actual needs.

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