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Performance and Use of Monocrystalline Silicon Pressure Transmitters

In the rapid development of industrialization now, industrialization equipment changes, commonplace, making production more and more convenient production, then the next to the crowd a brief introduction to the performance and use of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter from Lefoo.

Ⅰ. The performance of silicon pressure transmitter

At Lefoo pressure transmitter manufacturer, our Single crystal silicon pressure transmitter is a high-precision, intelligent pressure parameters field test instrument, in the industrial measurement control process has a very ordinary use.

It can be used to measure a variety of media in the liquid, gas and steam pressure, differential pressure and absolute pressure, if equipped with temperature sensors and throttling devices (orifice plate, etc.) may also be measured fluid flow parameters, and through the pressure transmitter secondary conversion components, may be measured parameters into 4-20mA guidelines for electrical information, while the single crystal silicon pressure transmitter may also choose the HART treaty digital information for Transmission, in order to fit the needs of different customers, may wish to upgrade the secondary circuit board, so that the transmitter with bus performance, which is to have PA bus and FF bus treaty performance.

The variety of single crystal silicon intelligent pressure transmitter is quite wonderful, may accurately measure from tiny differential pressure to large differential pressure, even high pressure, liquid level, vacuum and specific gravity.

Intelligent pressure transmitter has a small size, light weight, high precision, strong communication performance, but also with a field display performance, easy man-machine communication. Usually used in the power industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, food industry, paper industry, iron and steel metallurgical industry automation control system and equipment supporting. Both may choose 4-20mA, there is also the choice of digital communication technology, can suit the needs of different users, such as hvac differential pressure sensor and refrigeration pressure sensor.

Ⅱ. The application of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter

1. Petrochemical and throttling device supporting the provision of flow measurement and control. Measure the pressure and level of pipelines and storage tanks.

2. Electric power / city gas / other companies business requires high stability and high precision pressure, flow, liquid level measurement and other places.

3. Pulp and paper, for the requirements of chemical-resistant liquid, corrosion-resistant liquid pressure, flow, level measurement places.

4. Steel/nonferrous metals/ceramics, used for furnace pressure, negative pressure measurement and other places requiring high stability and high precision measurement.

5. Machinery and equipment / shipbuilding, used in strict control of pressure, flow, level and other indicators under the conditions, requiring stable measurement places.

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