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Fire Preventing

Fire Preventing

larger buildings should have multiple alarms on each level. Such as smoke alarms, temperature humidity transmitters,  (things are keen to burn at high temperature and low relative humidity). transducers for residual pressure measurements(fire escape passage pressure monitoring). If possible, mount the detector in the middle of a room. Avoid putting the detector in a recessed ceiling or near vents, doors, or fans.  LEFOO LFT6700 are pressure transmitters that are capable of digital management for fire extinguishers. LEFOO CO transmitter can detect CO concentration that from incomplete combustion

Electrical Safety

Electrical appliances and equipment are standard items in most homes. fraying or exposed wires. Plug items only into their appropriate outlets, and never force a plugin;


General Fire Preventing Tips

1.Ventilation points on machinery should not be clogged with dust or other materials

2.Have electrical equipment serviced regularly by a competent person to prevent sparks and fires

3.Properly clean and maintain heat-producing equipment such as burners, heat exchangers, boilers (inspected and tested yearly), ovens, stoves, and fryers. Require storage of flammables away from this equipment.

4.Prevent frictional heat (loose drive belts, bearings)

5.check flammable materials used in contact with hot surfaces

6.check leaking valves or flanges which allow seepage of flammable liquids or gases

7.Portable Heaters: Do not use portable heaters unnecessarily.

8.Clean chimney flues regularly.

9.Don’t store wood and other combustibles next to a wood stove or a portable heater.

10.Check electrical parts of the heating device.

11.Carefully with Cigarettes, Lighters, Matches, Fireplaces

12.Wood-Burning Stoves, Kerosene Heaters, Gas-Fired Space Heaters. Make sure these facilities are properly installed and meet building and fire codes.

13.Install a Fire Extinguisher, Keep a fire extinguisher in the home to help quickly put out small fires

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