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Lefoo 115VAC Demand Delivery Pump

LEFOO demand delivery pump is a type of diaphragm volumetric pump. The diaphragm plays a sealing and protective role in isolating the transmission medium and the power end (motor). At the same time, the regular movement of the diaphragm changes the volume of the working chamber, thereby sucking in and discharging liquid, and achieving liquid dispersion. Conveying and pressurizing. The pump head is equipped with a microswitch through the valve plate, and the microswitch and the motor end form a series connection. When the pressure increases, the valve plate deforms under the action of pressure, triggering the micro switch to cut off power; when the pressure decreases, the valve plate resumes its deformation, and the micro switch resumes power, thereby realizing automatic start and stop.

Specification of 115VAC Demand Delivery Pump


LEFOO LFP5150T 115VAC Demand Delivery Pump
Inlet Pressure0PSI
Working Flow1.50GPM
Working Current≤0.72A
Deliver Height≥2m
Break Pressure30PSI40PSI45PSI50PSI60PSI70PSI
Maximum Current≤0.81A≤0.87A≤0.9A≤0.93A≤1.0A≤1.1A
Optional Connections3/8"NPT
3/8"Side Female Quick Connector

Features of 115VAC Demand Delivery Pump

Automatic start and stop: high-voltage power outage and low-voltage start-up are possible;

Multiple pressure disconnect points: adjustable pressure range is 30-100PSI;

High self-priming capacity: self-priming height ≥ 2 meters, the suction chamber and discharge chamber are three-chamber independent structures, with high stability;

High-performance motor: all-copper motor, strong power, low temperature rise, and can work continuously;

Low electromagnetic noise and vibration: The motor adopts an integrated magnetization process, which has lower electromagnetic noise and vibration;

Smooth water flow: The water outlet adopts a buffer structure design, which has lower water flow pulse and vibration;

Anti-return function: anti-return structural design to prevent medium backflow;

Overheating protection: Equipped with a thermal protector, if the pump shell temperature is higher than 77°C, it can automatically stop working;

Integrated backflow pressure relief device: bypasses backflow to reduce frequent starts and stops of the pressure switch;

High waterproof performance: full range IPX5;

High stability: stable output and disconnection pressure, long life;

High strength: pressure-bearing parts are reinforced nylon and aluminum alloy;

Process-based: Full inspection and control of electrical, sealing, pressurizing and other performance production processes;

Authoritative certification: ROSH, CE, CQC, REACH certification;

Applications of 115VAC Demand Delivery Pump

RV water supply

Water supply for ships and yachts

Solar water pump system

Faucet end pressurization

Automatic filling equipment

Liquid vending machine

Equipment water circulation cooling

Purified water and drinking water

Agricultural spray system

High pressure cleaning system

Food & Beverage

Water Purification & Drinking

Cleaning robot

Carpet washer

Washing machine

Solar pumping system

Catering truck

Agricultural power sprayer pump

Agricultural water pump machine

ATV sprayer

Medical equipment

Accumulator Pressure Boost System

Mobile Booster Pump

Portable Washdown Pump

Portable washdown system

Washdown system

Welding circulating water tank

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