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Lefoo Air Compressor Cut Off Switch

Air Compressor Cut Off Switch
Pressure Range: 15~60psi / 40~250psi / 400~500 psi
Stable and accurate pressure switching
Rare metal parts, durable quality
Optimal for heavy duty commercial air compressors
Robust structure for industrial harsh conditions

There are numerous types of lefoo pressure switch for air compressor cut off switch that come on the market. In pressure switch manufacturer, Picking the right air compressor pressure switches depending on what the air compressing system is. A new pressure switch is usually more precise than repairing an old one, while adjustable digital pressure switches give you more convenience when using them. 

Intelligent air compressor pressure switches made by LEFOO pressure control are instruments of pressure measurement, display, and control. The air compressor cut-in and air compressor cut off switch can automatically control the relay output according to the pressure in the tubing. Compared with the mechanical switch, it has the characteristics of simple operation, clear display, anti-vibration, and high control accuracy.

When the compressor is plugged into the air compressor system, the motor starts and the air compressor begins to pressurize. When the specified system pressure is reached, a relay will control the electrical contacts apart, breaking the circuit and stopping the motor.  As air is used and tank pressure drops to a specified ‘cut-in’ setting (approximately 30 PSI below the ‘cut-off’ setting) the relay contacts close and the motor starts again. The cycle continues as long as the air compressor cut off switch is in use.

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