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Analysis of characteristics and future prospects of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitters are widely used in the industrial field. As an innovative product in the field of intelligent transmitters in the current process industry, single crystal silicon pressure transmitters are also known as composite micro-silicon solid-state sensors, intelligent transmitters and high-precision intelligent transmitters, etc., are favored by mainstream industrial enterprises.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter

Single crystal silicon pressure transmitter, its single crystal silicon is a single crystal of silicon, with a diamond lattice, using cutting, grinding, polishing, photolithography, bonding, film shielding and other advanced technology and processes to process sensitive components, The product has obvious advantages.

1. Excellent anti-interference ability

The monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter is fully isolated and packaged, and the monocrystalline silicon sensitive element is insulated and installed inside the sensor capsule, which can avoid the influence of measurement and environmental temperature changes, electrical interference, and mechanical vibration.

2. Excellent high frequency response capability

Monocrystalline silicon itself has a natural resonant frequency exceeding 500Hz. When the excitation is transmitted to the sensitive element, it is immediately sensed and converted into a signal output. The overall response time does not exceed 5mS, which is suitable for high-frequency dynamic applications.

3. Strong anti-overload capability

The single crystal silicon pressure transmitter has double overload protection technology, and the central diaphragm and isolation diaphragm form double overload protection. Even if the pressure is overloaded, the unique structure will not allow the filling fluid to be transferred to the sensitive components, thus achieving overload protection. And it will not affect the measurement after returning to normal.

4. High-precision transmission

The sensor has a modular structure, and all calculation data are retained in the internal memory of the sensor membrane box. During subsequent production and maintenance, the transmission module reads the memory data to achieve high-precision output.

Ⅱ. The advantages of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitters, capacitive pressure transmitters and diffused silicon pressure transmitters:

The traditional capacitive pressure transmitter that was once popular, although various instrument factories have worked hard to improve performance, once attracted the attention of the market because of the selection of cost-effective isolated transmitter modules. The main purpose is to improve the anti-interference ability of metal capacitors. Unfortunately, the structural defect of short-circuiting with the outside cannot be completely changed. Fully isolated monocrystalline silicon sensors have great advantages in anti-interference.

Compared with the economical diffused silicon pressure transmitter with a large user scale, the advantages of the single crystal silicon pressure transmitter in the state of slight differential pressure show a trend of surpassing the dust.

In the context of harsh on-site working conditions, the advantages of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitters cannot be replaced. It is an innovative product of pressure transmitter in the field of process industry. Lefoo is a leading pressure transmitter manufacturer in China, contact fro more product informations.

Ⅲ. Future prospects of monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitters

In the face of the national industry 4.0 era, a large number of traditional industries and old models are facing upgrading or the introduction of new equipment and new processes. In the face of the tide of the times, monocrystalline silicon pressure sensors are born in response to the trend of the times, and continue to help industrial upgrading. So far, hundreds of thousands of sets of pressure transmitters have been distributed to various industrial fields, covering iron and steel, petrochemical, food and medicine, machinery manufacturing, thermal power, water conservancy and water affairs, hydropower, cement building materials, environmental protection, crude oil and natural gas, etc., reliability And high precision is widely praised by business owners.

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