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What is the Purpose of the Electronic Pressure Switch?

In places such as water supply plants, power plants, and chemical plants, a pressure control switch is needed to help complete the control of a large amount of gas and liquid. So this is a relatively important thing. Today LEFOO will introduce the use of electronic pressure control switches.

1. The use of LEFOO pressure control switch LFM32

The electronic pressure control switch amplifies the pressure signal through a high-precision instrument amplifier, collects and processes data through a built-in precision sensor, which is a high-precision device that detects pressure and liquid level signals, and realizes the monitoring and control of pressure and liquid level; the core of the mechanical pressure switch adopts new intelligent micro-processing chip with stable function and practical performance.

The LCD screen displays the current pressure or liquid level value; the pressure or liquid level can be set to start or stop according to your needs.

High and low alarm points of pressure or liquid level can be set, and output to the control device through a relay or analog quantity; output the switch value of dual relay.

Two relays/4-20mA/0-10V/RS465 output can be selected.

The pressure switch adopts a high-precision pressure sensor, which boasts higher accuracy, less hysteresis, faster response, more stable and reliable functions compared to a mechanical pressure switch; there is no dead zone in the adjustment, and the relay action pressure point can be set arbitrarily within the entire range. Use the button to adjust the action pressure, which is easy to operate and more flexible. The protection grade is IP65, so it can be used in harsh environments.

2. The structure of the pressure switch

The pressure switch is the main component of the fire sprinkler system and is installed in the wet alarm valve of the fire sprinkler system. The function of the fire-fighting pressure switch is that when the pressure in the fire-fighting sprinkler pipe is lower than the pressure at the water supply end, the pressure switch will automatically act and feed back the actuation signal to the host of the automatic fire alarm system. The control host receives the signal so as to start the fire sprinkler pump for pressurization.

The input module, also known as the monitoring module, is used to detect the working status of the equipment. It usually monitors the normally open signal equipment. Once the monitored equipment acts and the normally open end is closed, it will send an alarm message to the host about the action of equipment.

Pressure switch: When the alarm valve is activated, the alarm pipe is filled with water, and the pressure in the pipe is greater than the set value, the switch will act to feed back the action of alarm valve to the system.

Signal valve: In order to avoid personnel misoperation, the valve is closed and the system cannot work normally, so a signal feedback device is installed on the valve.

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