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Lefoo Pressure Switch LF08

The LF08 switches are fixed set point, factory calibrated pressure switches. It is automatic reset, and can be Normally open or normally close contacts. All metallic wetted components make the LF08 switch compatible with a multitude of chemicals in liquid or gas form. It is offered numerous types of electrical terminations from different size and style push on terminals to wire leads with an array of standard industry connectors. In-house machining capabilities allows Lefoo pressure switch manufacturer to offer a wide variety of pressure fitting from different thread types and sizes to units with internal deflator and cupper tubbing for sawing operations. For more selections of mechanical pressure switch, click here.

Specification of Pressure Switch LF08

MediaAir,Water,motor lils,transmission oils, Hydrocarbon Media, Refrigeration fluid
Pressure Range/ Tolerance/ Proof PressureAction pressureToleranceProof Pressure
0.2~ 6bar(low pressure)+0.5bar15bar
6~ 10bar+0.7bar35bar
11 ~ 20bar+1bar45bar
21 ~ 30bar+1.5bar
31 ~ 45bar+1.5bar
Burst Pressure5000psi
Operating Temperature RangeEnvironment temperature:low pressure:-30~ 65C ,High pressure:-35~120C; Medium temperature:-50~ 120 C
Electric Rating120Vac 6FLA,40.2LRA; 240Vac 4FLA,26LRA; 120/240Vac 375VA;36Vdc 3A
ConnectionPlease see the selection table (customizable)
Electrical connections6.35*0.8;4.8*0.8 ; Wire connection (can be customized length and electrical plug)

Conversion:1bar=14.5psi 1MPa=10bar

How to Select

RangeCircuitryBasic MaterialConnectionElectrical connections
High Pressure Threshold 175 PSI

Low pressure reposition 145 PSI

Selectable Pressure Range 0.2~45 Bar



Plated steel
1/8 NPT6.35x0.8


18AWG Wire Harness
1/4 NPT
1/4 Copper Tube
7/16 UNF External Thread
7/16 UNF Internal Thread
7/16 UNF Internal Thread+valve Spool
11~20 BarSPST-NOBrass1/4 Copper Tube4.8x0.8

Example  LF08/11~20 Bar/ SPST-NO/ Brass/ 1/4 Copper Tube/4.8x0.8          

Features of Pressure Switche

Robust metal and spring structure  automatic reset.

compatible with a multitude of chemicals in liquid or gas form.

High standard mechanical calibration

Capalable to wire leads with an array of standard industry connectors

Adjuatable and accurate pressure setting

Durable diaphragm and electric bridge

Application of Pressure Swithes

Automatic mechanical control for Water tower,Water Pump, copper tubing, sawing applications

Typical application: Air conditioning units (residential, commercial and automotive)


CO2 Air conditioning, CO2 Refrigeration 

Heat Pumps

High pressure cut off ,Low pressure cut off

Air brakes (trucks and commercial equipment)

Fuel pressure monitoring

Engine controls

Agricultural equipment

Industrial controls

Marine engine / equipment.

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