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Differential Pressure Switch LF32

LF32 is an adjustable differential pressure switch capable of detecting miniscule changes in pressure due to the size and proven design.  The switch set point or switching point can be field  adjustable without the need of a manometer by  simply using the adjustment knob and the built-in  calibrated visual scale.  This switch is equipped a clear cover that not only protects the adjustment knob to be move involuntary but also provides class IP54 protection.

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Technical Data of Differential Pressure Switch LF32

MediaAir, non combustive and ono-aggressive gas
Max Pressure10kpa
MountingDiaphragm in any vertical plane
liquid Preventing LevelIP54
Operating Temperature -40 ℃ ~85℃
Contact ArrangeSPDT
Electrical RatingResistance:initaial <100 Milliohm,  Current:1.5A(0.4A)/250V
Terminal6.3mm  x 0.8 blade or screw terminal
Connectionɸ 6.4mm for tube connection

ModelPressure Range (Pa)Differential (Pa)Tolerances

Features of Differential Pressure Switch LF32

  • On/Off output

  • Electrical Rating 250Vac

  • Switching pressure to be adjusted easy on a scaled adjustment  knob

  • Static, over, under pressure and vacuum

  • IP54 protection

Can be deliveried in 3 different alternatives

1. Only the pressure switch

2. The pressure switch separately packed and the duct fixing kit separately packed

3. The pressure switch and the duct fixing kit packed together in one small carton

Application of Differential Pressure Switch LF32

Gas burner, central air conditioning,Building intelligent control,Small blower

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