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How to Adjust the Water Pump Pressure Switch?

Whether in industry or agriculture, the application of water pump pressure switches in life is quite extensive. Usually, pumps with pressure switches are high pressure pumps. The purpose is to stop the pump after reaching a certain pressure to avoid accidents. So today Lefoo mechanical pressure switch is going to introduce the knowledge about how to adjust the water pump pressure switch.

1. Water pump pressure switch adjustment

(1) Loosen the lock nut of the pressure switch. Turn the adjusting nut clockwise or counterclockwise as needed until the pointer points to the desired pressure value. There are two types of pressure switches: mechanical and electronic. The pressure switch is a device combined with an electrical switch. When a certain water pressure is reached, the water pump stops.

(2) The water pump pressure switch usually has two knobs, which are turned with a flat-blade or Phillips screwdriver. Loosen the lock nut before turning it, and turn it clockwise to increase it and counterclockwise to decrease it.

(3) One knob on the water pump pressure switch is the starting pressure, and the other is the stopping pressure. The shape of each pressure switch will be different, and it is difficult to determine the specific position of the adjustment knob. The adjustment knob is usually on the top or side.

2. Functional characteristics of water pump pressure switch

(1) It can realize the automatic pumping of low-pressure and low-water level pumps, and the automatic stop of pumping at high-pressure and high-water levels.

(2) It will automatically shut down when there is no water to prevent dry pumping.

(3) It automatically alarms over pressure and stops the water pump to ensure water safety.

(4) Password protection can be entered to prevent non-professionals from modifying the set parameters.

The above is the introduction of how to adjust the high-pressure water pump switch and the functional characteristics of the water pump pressure switch. Hope to provide you with some little help. As far as the water pump pressure switch is concerned, the more intelligent the high-tech products of the pressure switch can bring better convenience to our production and life.

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