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Lefoo Water Pump Pressure Switch LF08E

This is a mechanical pressure switch based on spring piston and diaphragm. When the fluid in the water purifier pushes the diaphragm through the interface, the water pressure reaches the preset pressure threshold of the spring. Adjusting the metal rod will drive to the micro switch, and open and close the connection point of the electric bridge, which achieve the function of controlling the water purifier or pure water machine

Specification of Water Pump Pressure Switch LF08E

Pressure range0.05~0.35MPa
PerformanceOne pressure setting/ Two pressure setting
Proof pressure1.2MPa
Burst pressure3.2MPa
Terminal6.3mm or 4.8
Temperature range-20℃~120℃
CircuitrySPST(NC or NO)
Electric rating250VAC 3A
MediaAir , Water

LEFOO Specification of Water Pump Pressure Switch LF08E

Features of LEFOO Pressure Switches LF08E

Compact design for mirco RO pump control in RO water purifiers.

Application of Water Pump Pressure Switch LF08E

This product is specially designed for water purifier, which can replace traditional high-low

pressure switch. It is more sensitive action and used for wider range of applications.

Media: water, air

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