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LEFOO develops and manufactures reliable, high quality standard Pressure Control, temperature control Devices offering innovative solutions and components able to outfit at best machines and production systems and give a single answer to any requirements in pressure control systems. In pneumatics, HVAC, refrigeration, food & beverage processing, packaging systems, hydraulics, house hold appliance, industrial automation, LEFOO can always provide clients with accurate and dependable pressure control devices.

  • Pressure Measurement Pressure Measurement
    With various signal outputs, compact and robust structure, optional connections, and numerous measuring scales. LEFOO pressure sensors transmitters are the ideal pressure measuring solutions for modern automatic industries
  • Temperature and Humidity Measurement Temperature and Humidity Measurement
    Temperature and relative humidity influence people's comfort and health that few diseases take place when they are at extreme temperature and humidity levels, Lefoo offers optimal solutions for temperature and humidity measurement
  • Level Measurement Level Measurement
    The level measurement is optimal for high and low-level indications, overflow prevention, overfill alarm, water pump protection, and pump control. It can also be used to simply indicate a full or empty state. Level measurement is often undergoing in tanks, silos, or movable containers.
  • Gas Measurement Gas Measurement
    Gas measurement is more complicated than liquid media measurements. Exact measurements are required such as Flow, Velocity, differential pressure, density, temperature. LEFOO offers precise gas pressure sensing and control techniques solutions.
  • Oil Measurement Oil Measurement
    LEFOO offers pressure measurements, level and temperature measurements that work as important components of an oil & gas measurement system.
  • Differential Pressure Measurement Differential Pressure Measurement
    Differential pressure measurement is used in flow and level monitoring, Low differential pressure measurements are used to measure media such as dry air and non-aggressive gases
  • Environmental Measurement Environmental Measurement
    Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide are odorless colorless gas that related to air quality that related with human lives, the concentration level control is vital to learning,working,resting,living
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