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LEFOO Oil & Gas

LEFOO Oil & Gas

Pressure monitoring is the basic and most important measurement in oil&gas production. The process of oil transfer requires filling abundant water and sand into an underground oil layer to increase pressure while generates an extensive vacuum above the oil layer. The high-pressure side will force huge amounts of petroleum into the vacuum zero pressure side that can introduce the oil flow from even from the 10km depth underground. 

However, the risk of burning and explosion of petroleum and natural gas is proportional to ambient pressure and temperature in the underground processing grounds. Even gasoline refined from petroleum is a flammable and explosive liquid in the transfer and transportation process. Hence the reliable and precise monitoring pressure transducer transmitter and gas pressure switch control devices like pneumatic pressure switch are quite vital in the whole process of production, transportation, and selling. 

Lefoo pressure transmitters and pressure switches are the ideal solutions in the oil and gas industries. LEFOO temperature level transmitters can be the components in the measurement systems

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