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How to Price a Peristaltic Pump?

Many customers will find this problem when purchasing a peristaltic pump when purchasing a hose pump. The appearance looks similar, but the price is different, how should I price a peristaltic pump product? Let's analyze the price mechanism of peristaltic pumps. 

Let's LEFOO peristaltic pumps manufacturers take you to have a look:

1. The flow rate of the peristaltic pump

For peristaltic pump products with the same function, the flow rate is usually used as the price standard. The price is higher for the high traffic, and the lower price for the low traffic. Because the speed of the motor must be increased to achieve a larger flow, the power of the motor such as the transformer selection type or the DC power selection type will become larger, resulting in additional expenditure on the hardware cost, and the price will also vary.

Products with the same model and the same function usually use the size of the traffic as a benchmark for the approved price. The larger the traffic, the higher the price relative to the pricing. This is because according to the size of the flow, it mainly depends on the speed of the motor. Because the higher the speed, the more power the motor requires, and the more power the corresponding power supply requires. In this way, the hardware costs that are significantly increased when the product is produced are also higher.

2. Function and model of peristaltic pump

The second pricing mechanism for peristaltic pumps is mainly based on functions and models. The price of peristaltic pump products is affected by both hardware and software factors.

Depending on the function and model of the peristaltic pump, the hardware and software used with the peristaltic pump will vary. When the flow rate is the same, the basic model (the digital tube of the peristaltic pump displays the speed), the flow model (the flow parameter is displayed), and the distribution model (the distribution parameter is displayed). The difference between the basic model and the flow model product includes two factors, hardware and software, on the one hand, the display format is different, and on the other hand, there is an additional cost for the hardware cost.

The flow-based software structure is more complex than the basic type, and the programming and development costs are also high. For the flow model and distribution model, the main focus is on software development costs, and the distribution program is much more complex than the flow-based program.

3. The drive form of the peristaltic pump

For peristaltic pumps with the same flow range, the price can vary greatly depending on the drive form. For example, the structure of the two drives, such as the pneumatic explosion-proof model and the ordinary power-driven model, is very different, and the cost difference may be even more.

4. Pump head model of peristaltic pump

The model difference of the pump head will lead to the price difference of the peristaltic pump. Depending on the pump head model, the choice of material and the processing method are different, so the cost may be high.

The above four points are the main factors affecting the price of peristaltic pumps. When purchasing a peristaltic pump, you can refer to the above four basic matters and buy the most suitable peristaltic pump according to the actual situation.

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