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Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump LFP302/ST

A peristaltic dosing pump LFP302/ST is capable of being able to handle viscous, acid, alkali, and sterile fluids., The ideal solution for pumping and dosing various types of liquids whether chemical aggressive or extremely high temperature. Compact design. Dry running capability.Very fast tube changeover.  The peristaltic dosing pumps are optimal for laboratory applications and Production purposes where precise flow control is required. Equipped for many settings. quick-change pump heads reduce cost and Increase Productivity. Peristaltic pump with stepper motor of high quality and reliability - custom designs available. we'll produce the right dosing pumps for your needs & connect your manufacturing!


*Easy upkeep low noise

*Can transfer liquid, gas, solid

*Simple setting and  Easy Mounting

*No pollution Easy Maintenance

*High temperature/Chemical resistant

*Optional Brushless/Stepper Motor

*Optional various soft tubes

As a peristaltic pump manufacturer, LEFOO opened a new pump lab with complete testing equipment for mass samples experiments. Resident engineers will monitor pressure, flow, voltage, ampere, motor torque, and soft tubes durability in every customized process.  We also have office engineers that offer free expert advice, free suggestion for professional use

Specification of Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump LFP302/ST

Technical parameter

LEFOO Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump LFP302/ST
Installations methodPump body with mounting hole (customization mounting plate)
Drive modeStepper motor
Control methodDrive control (with driver & control board optional)
FunctionPrecise flow rate adjustment
Working VoltageDC24V
Outlet pressure≤0.17MPa
Working environment


Relative humidity:<85%RH

Roller QuantityStandard 2 rollers (support 4 rollers)

Flow standard(ml/min)

VoltageFlowTube sizeTube material



Features of Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump LFP302/ST

  • Convenient start/stop, speed increase/decrease, rotate forward/reverse

  • Low noise, quiet and stable, suitable for home use

  • Support PLC control

  • Installation can be customize

Applications of Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump LFP302/ST

General Specifications

Recommended installation height

2.0m max

Liquid temperature range

5 to 50℃(41°F to 122°F)

Specified environment temperature range

0 to 50℃(32°F to 122°F)

Specified ambient humidity range

20% to 80%(with no condensation)

Certification & Approvals

LEFOO General Specifications LFP302/ST


A range of tube materials is available to handle a range of different chemicals as well as hygienic options for food and beverage dispensing.

Food Machinery

Drink dispenser

Detergent supply

Dish-Washing machine,

Washing machine Analytical Equipment

Analytical &testing instrument sample supply

Printing Equipment: Ink Supply

Kitchen Apparatus

Laundry Apparatus

Car Washing Equipment Analytical Apparatus


1. When selecting a tube, the customer should perform a verification test to verify the chemical suitability according to the usage environment and the intended application

2. Regardless of the pump tube type, the phenomenon of peeling from inside of the tube starts with small amounts

3. This Product is not designed for medical use. Do not use it for medical applications.

4. This product is not waterproof. The use in a water-filled environment requires water-proof systems or designs.

5. Numerical dates listed in this catalog reflect conditions measured over a short period of time. Their accuracy for long-term use is not assured.

6. There is a tendency for the flow rate to increase until the tube becomes acclimated, and even among the same model, different lots may have a different flow rate within the specified tolerances, Also, the rotating speed of the DC motor may fluctuate depending on the load condition and changes in the motor temperature. During the design stage, be sure to select a motor with ample capacity.

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