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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of a Peristaltic Pump?

Relevant people in the industry said that as pumping fluid equipment, high productivity must be emphasized, especially in the era of high-speed production. So, how to make the peristaltic pump most effective when it is working? You can refer to the following:

1. Reduce the speed of the peristaltic pump as much as possible

The flow of the peristaltic pump is caused by the rotation of the pump head. The faster the rotation, the shorter the use time of the pump. Therefore, if you want the pump to last longer, you can choose the pump with the largest possible pipe diameter to reduce the speed of the peristaltic pump. Lefoo, one of the the leading peristaltic pumps manufacturers,  can provides DC peristaltic pump and stepper motor peristaltic pump that you can choose.

2. Selection of peristaltic pump pipe

It is recommended to use special pipes for peristaltic pumps for the pump head and ordinary pipes for the remaining connections. The squeeze tube used in the peristaltic pump has good compression elasticity and tear resistance, so these pumps have high purity, wall thickness and shape accuracy, so the price of the peristaltic pump pipe is relatively high. Therefore, it is economical to use ordinary pipes as connecting pipes. Lefoo has cheap peristaltic pump of high quality.

3. Choose the connector of peristaltic pump pipe and determine the caliber

The inlet of the peristaltic pump pipe should be as short as possible, and the joint and diameter of the pipe should not be smaller than the diameter of the seized pipe installed on the pump head. The suction force of the peristaltic pump is caused by the repulsion of the pump pipe. Especially if the inlet pipe is too long or the caliber is small, the resistance of the suction group is too large. Similarly, if the caliber of the outlet pipe is small or the pipe is too long, the discharge pressure of the peristaltic pump will decrease. Therefore, if the discharge resistance is too large, the output flow will decrease.

4. The theoretical flow rate of the peristaltic pump is higher than the actual flow rate

When choosing a peristaltic pump, the theoretical flow rate should be greater than the actual flow rate, preferably greater than 30%. The peristaltic pump pipe is relatively soft, and the negative pressure and discharge pressure are small. If the liquid to be transported has a certain viscosity or the pipe has a certain length, it may cause the loss of the actual flow. In order to achieve the required flow, the theoretical flow must be slightly higher than the actual flow. The high viscosity peristaltic pump will be a good choice.

5. Keep the peristaltic pump case and pipe clean

When using a peristaltic pump, pay attention to cleaning the pump case and pump pipe. Because the peristaltic pump is a relatively precise instrument, it mainly relies on the pump case to maintain a high-precision interval to achieve the effect of an efficient squeeze pump. When the pump pipe is damaged, and the liquid flows into the pump case, pressure wheel, pressure block, and pump pipe, the squeeze interval may change. Small changes can also cause excessive early wear of the pump pipe, which has a serious impact on the pump and may cause damage to the pump head.

6. Regularly check whether the peristaltic pump pipe is damaged

When using a peristaltic pump, check the wear of the pump pipe regularly. Because the peristaltic pump pipe is an easily damaged component, once damaged, the liquid may leak. Therefore, it is necessary to check the pump for early wear and tear to prevent the surface of the pump table from being damaged by the pump.

7. Selection of pipe material for peristaltic pump

When choosing a peristaltic pump, pay attention to whether the liquid to be transported will corrode the pump pipe. Due to the many materials of the pump pipe and the type of liquid to be transported, there is no pump pipe that can withstand all the liquids. Therefore, you must confirm the liquid type first, and compare with chemical tables or conduct soak test to ensure the peristaltic pump pipe you select is usable.

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