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DC Peristaltic Pump

LEFOO Peristaltic pump, Optional Brushless/Stepper Motor, low noise can transfer liquid, gas, solid. High temperature/Chemical resistance. No pollution and Easy Maintenance. Optional various soft tubes. Precise flow control

Difference between DC Peristaltic Pump and other pumps

Some users use a peristaltic pump for the first time, and even just heard about this product, they think it is similar to the usual pump, but it is not the case. This is a different device from a diaphragm pump for water purifier. The working forms are different.

If you need to fill a pool or need to irrigate a large cubic storage tank, all pumps are used, and 115v water pump application is efficient.

On the contrary, in some industries, such as laboratories, pharmaceuticals, medical peristaltic pumps, etc., small flow and precise transmission are needed, like cheap espresso peristaltic pumps for reverse osmosis, which mainly uses accuracy.