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How to Purify Water if You Don't Understand RO Pumps?

The most common metaphor for RO pump is "the heart of a water purifier". Can a person survive without a heart? Similarly, an RO machine cannot function properly without an RO pump. Furthermore, 80% of the water purifiers on the market are RO machines, making RO pumps almost a standard component. It is not an exaggeration to say that "without understanding RO pumps, how can one purify water?".

The role of RO pump

Let's understand the principle of an RO machine to comprehend the importance of an RO pump. An RO machine is a product that purifies water, and its core filtration component is an RO membrane. The RO membrane is a high-precision filtration membrane that, under pressure, removes impurities from the water through reverse osmosis, resulting in an improvement in water quality.

Most of the RO membranes on the market today are high-pressure membranes, and tap water pressure is unable to meet the inlet pressure requirements of the RO membrane. An reverse osmosis water pump can increase the inlet pressure to a certain extent while also achieving a certain flow rate, thus meeting the water production requirements of the RO membrane. Without an RO pump, an RO machine is practically scrap metal.

How to determine the quality of an RO pump?

Since the RO pump is so important, if it frequently malfunctions, it will inevitably lead to slow or no water production of the RO machine. When purchasing, how can the consumer judge the quality of the pump? We suggest considering the following indicators:

1. Power:

Power is the primary performance of an RO pump, and if the power is not strong or stable, it can easily cause the entire machine to fail to produce water or increase the overall pressure, shortening the lifespan of the RO membrane and the machine. Therefore, when purchasing an RO pump, consumers can take a look at the stability of the pump's power and the water production rate, choosing products with higher stability.

2. Failure rate:

Generally speaking, the service life of the pump is relatively long, often exceeding three years. However, if the pump frequently malfunctions, its lifespan will be shorter than this standard. Consumers can understand the pump's head performance, materials, component fitting, packing materials, internal structure, and other factors to determine the pump's failure rate.

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