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Lefoo 75 GPD RO Pump

Pressure Booster Pump / Self-Priming Pump
Work Flow: 0.75L/min or 1L/min
Work Pressure: 0.5Mpa=73Psi
Noise Level: ≦43db / ≦50db
Max Current: ≦1.3A / ≦1.6A

The 75 GPD RO Water Pump E series is a device to increase water pressure going into the RO system or household water purifiers. When your water resource is at low pressure, Reverse osmosis can be defined as a pressure-driven process that needs extra power. You need a pressure booster pump for RO system.

Are You searching for a pressure booster pump supplier?

LEFOO company, is the global standard manufacturer for diaphragm booster pump technology, providing the highest quality and most reliable inlet pressure for efficient membrane utilization. LEFOO’s leading Innovation continues with the introduction of three new booster pump Series RO motor pump.: the stable pressure pump E series for applications where pump fitment space is limited and water pressure boosting is needed for up to ro booster pump 100 gpd or compact carbonated/still water dispensers, the S Series model with self-primming series, higher flow carbonated/still water dispensers or higher flow heat exchange recirculation systems.

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