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Pump Manufacturing

Water pump production starts from injection molding. We will use virgin plastic particles to ensure that these plastic particles will be perfectly melted and re-growth according to the 3D design drawing data in the top class CNC, and the physical hardness and compressive strength of the plastic parts will be improved. Hundreds of molds will be regularly cleaned and maintained by dedicated technicians to maintain the quality of plastic parts and reduce costs. Then there is motor production. In order to ensure the motor's speed and torque and stable performance, heat resistance, and lightning resistance performance, from the determination of the magnetic tile performance to the rotor specification to the motor assembly process, all the motors of the LEFOO water pump are made by LEFOO. The team of engineers is responsible for the design, from the magnetic tile performance test to the rotor winding to the motor assembly, all are produced and assembled on the equipment in the LEFOO factory. This advantage allows the LEFOO engineers to adjust according to customer needs The design of the motor. Pump assembly workshop: LEFOO has several independent and complete pump production lines, and LEFOO also has a scientific and complete water pump inspection system, which includes normal shell hardness and compression testing, power testing, vibration touch testing, flow, and pressure testing, high voltage testing, precision instrument testing in the quiet room, and standard aging test laboratory. These scientific testing methods can scientifically control the quality and reliability of pump products.

Pump Manufacturing
Pressure Transmitter Manufacturing

Pressure Transmitter Manufacturing

Precise measuring instruments are used in almost every process of pressure transmitter production. Leif has complete EMC test equipment, ESD electrostatic test equipment, group pulse generator, lightning surge tester, high-precision automatic calibration equipment, and top-level numerical control. Equipment, advanced high and low temperature test equipment, high and low pressure test equipment, special aging test and real-time pressure cycle test equipment, this equipment will be enough for engineers to obtain all the data to improve the range accuracy and calibrate all the accurate performance requirements in production. All tests are connected to the computer system to ensure the authenticity and traceability of all data. LEFOO has introduced a dust-free constant temperature workshop to protect temperature-sensitive core parts and sophisticated and expensive measuring instruments.


Lefoo provides a one-year warranty to protect the interests of customers and reduce transaction risks. When there is a problem after the order is delivered, we will have a dedicated team to provide after-sales service. Longger warranty can be negotiable in the price.



    LEFOO develops and manufactures reliable, high-quality standard Pressure Control, temperature control devices offering innovative solutions and components able to outfit at best machines and production systems and give a single answer to any requirements in pressure control systems.

Features and Benefits

  • High EMC performance without impact on accuracy

    High level of vibration and chock stability

  • Long term stability

    High level of over-pressure stability

  • High IP level

    Available with ISO9001 and ISO14001 approvals


  • Q. What is the delivery?
    A :

    Sample= 7 days, 10~100 pcs =15 day, buck order is negotiable.

  • Q. Can I get samples?
    A :


  • Q. Can you make customized products ?
    A :

    Yes, customized is accept, please contact us for specific requirements.

  • Q. What is Reverse Osmosis Pump?
    A :

    Reverse Osmosis Pump is a device that feeding pressure to water to pass semi permeate membrane in RO systems.

  • Q. How much water does the LEFOO RO pump produce?
    A :

    From 50 GPD to 1500 GPD

  • Q. Do LEFOO's RO pump have any quality certification?
    A :

    ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, CQC, Rohs

  • Q. What is the work span of LEFOO pumps
    A :

    RO booster pump =2000 hours, economic RO pump=1000 hours, Brushless RO pump 300GPD=3000 hours and 1000 GPD=2000 hours, Rotary Vane Pump=5000 hours, Peristaltic pump(hose =500 hour)

  • Q. What is the material compatibility of LEFOO pressure transducers?
    A :

    LEFOO manufactures pressure transducers from various materials including 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel

    (304)17-4 PH Stainless Steel - hydraulic fluid, air (nitrogen, oxygen, etc), natural gas, freon, paint, steam, plastic molding, diesel fuel, CO2

    316  Stainless Steel - hydrogen*, chlorinated water, ammonia refrigerants, petroleum products (crude or processed),and other corrosive medias. 

  • Q. What types of electrical interfaces are available on pressure transmitters?
    A :

    Packard, DIN43650C, DIN72585, m12, GX16/7, cable, waterproof solid line sets...

  • Q. How do I choose the best output signal?
    A :

    There are five general signal types that are 4-20ma,0-5v,0-10v, 0.5-4.5,and RS485, 4-20 ma is the basic signal of pressure sensor it can not transfer for long distance, 0-5V signal and 0.5-4.5 is the upper class signal that can travel long distance, 0-10v is highest signal type that can long distance delivered and most stable in noisy environment and electromagnetic chaotic environment. RS485 is a digital protocol that can be connect to a PLC or control software on your computer.

  • Q. Are LEFOO Sensors used in hydraulic applications?
    A :

    Yes, Piezoresistive oil-filled silicon sensors are ideal for hydraulic applications, but the media should not be viscous liquid or contain hard debris, The metal diaphragm is very thin and easy to broken in wrong cleaning and frequent hard object friction.

  • Q. What LEFOO sensors used for in HVACR systems?
    A :

    LFT2000A for HVAC system, LFT2600 and LFT2610 for refrigeration system.

  • Q. How is LEFOO Pressure Transducer Span and Range
    A :

    LEFOO Pressure Transducer can serve 4-5 years of work span, the measuring range of some general pressure transducer is from -100 kpa to 70 Mpa, LEFOO also provide customize service with higher range.

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