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Lefoo Water Pressure Switch

(LF42H)Cut in and off Pressure: 1.5bar / 2.5bar
(LF42L) Cut in and off Pressure: 0.1 / 0.2 bar
Good working stability
Excellent durability and pressure resistance
Water supply pressure control for the water purifier

The water pressure switch consists of a robust pom plastic casing, spring trigger, pom plastic transmission lever, micro-movement insert 4.8*0.8, material brass and tin-plated, silicone rubber sheet( thinnest position is 1mm height), and it is completely sealed by squeezing the rubber sheet. The action process of the device is like this. The diaphragm transmits pressure to the transmission lever, and the transmission lever triggers the action of the microswitch.

The LF42H (high-pressure protection) will off the electric lefoo pressure switch when liquid pressure reaches the pre-set high-pressure threshold to prevent overflow of the water system. The LF42L(low-pressure protection) will turn on the electric water pressure switch when liquid pressure reaches the low-pressure threshold to prevent the pump from empty running.

The threshold pressures are pre-set in the manufacturing workshop of LEFOO pressure control, LF42H and LF42L are mainly build by plastic components that have the durability of 40 thousand times of use that are mainly applied in domestic RO water systems. The parts replacement and adjustment for are easy to lose its exactness of the water pressure switch. 

If you are in search of an adjustable mechanical switch, LEFOO has other robust pressure switches with over 100 thousand of durability for commercial and industrial applications.

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