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Lefoo Water Pressure Switch LF42L

LF42 series pressure switch is used in water supply pressure protection of water inlet. This series water pressure switch include two models LF42H(high-pressure protection) and LF42L(low pressure


LF42L is the low pressure protection switch. If the pressure of water inlet lower than set value, RO will not work and keep dewatering, then the switch will cut off the circuit to make the pump stop. It can prevent the booster pump still working without water which may lead to damage to the circuit. If the pressure of the water inlet returns to the lowest set volume, the pump will work again.

Specification of Water Pressure Switch LF42L

Pressure set rangecut off pressure:2.5bar+0.5barcut in pressure:≤0.1bar
cut in pressure: 1.5bar+0.5barcut off pressure: 20.2bar
Proof pressure1 8bar1 8bar
Durability> 40,000 times> 40,000 times
Working temperature5-45C5-45°C
Switch typeMicroswitch, nomal closeMicroswitch, nomal open
Electrical ratingVoltage:250V AC Current:16AVoltage:250V AC Current:16A
Terminal4.8*0.8 mm blade4.8*0.8mm blade
Connector6mm quick connector6mm quick connector

LEFOO Specification of Water Pressure Switch LF42L

Features of LEFOO Pressure Switches LF42L

Robust and compact structure.

BPA free food level plactic made.

Reliable manufacturer more than 20 years. 

Precise pressure control and durable working span.

Application of LEFOO Water Pressure Switch

LF40H water pressure switch is a device that can automatically cut off the electric connection of the pump when the tap or faucet is turned off, which can prevent the empty run damage to the pump.

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