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Water Pump Pressure Switch LF10-W

LF10-W series pressure switches provide time-tested, reliable control for automatic water systems. The switch is universally acceptable for use as original equipment on water well pumps or pumping systems.

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Specification of LEFOO Water Pump Pressure Switch

ModelMediaOperating Pressure RangeFactory SettingDifferentialElectrical ElectricalContact ArrangementConnection
LF10-WS(LF10A-WS)Water15 -82psi20-35psi15- 30psi120VAC、20A; (120VAC、26A); 240VAC、12A; (240VAC、26A)NO1/4NPT Male or Female
Water35- 150psi85-115psi30-40psi
LF10-WR(LF10A-WR)Water80-15psi50-30psi17-30psi240VAC、20A; (120VAC、26A); 240VAC、12A; (240VAC、26A)NO1/4NPT Male or Female
Water100- 30psi100-75psi25-30psi

Optional connections

1/4 NPT,3/8NPT,R1/4,R3/8,G1/4,G3/8,NPT1/4 long male,G1/4 Bolt Connector


Features of LEFOO Water Pump Pressure Switches

No Wire Looping

Straight Thru Wiring

Visible Contacts 2 Pole Double Break

No Drift Pressure Settings

Captive Cover Screw

Ample Wiring Room

Ground Screws

Easy to Adjust

Stainless Steel Connection is optional

Other Connection fittings are optional

Application of LEFOO Water Pump Pressure Switches

water well pumps or automatic pumping systems.

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