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Differential Pressure Switch

Various Pressure Ranges: 20pa~10000pa
Robust plastic structure
Capable highly customized
Simple installation, easy to adjust
Long service life, accurate and stable

Differential pressure switch, also called wind pressure switch, air micro pressure difference controller. A differential pressure switch is a device that monitors and controls gaseous pressures to actuate an electric circuit-connected switch at pre-selected pressure points. We call the pre-selected pressures high pressure and low pressure,  two high or two low pressures, one of each, or high and ambient or low and ambient pressure. Mechanical differential pressure switches have been developed to switch an electrical contact. The differential pressure switch can be used to control motors or fans, o dampers, or louvers when the pressure is overflow or under the threshold points. LEFOO pressure switches have many other applications like HVAC systems, gas burners, compressors. Differential pressure switch of LEFOO pressure control is available in brass and stainless steel.

Differential pressure switches have no pressure indications, no analog output signals, and no need for power consumption. These simple devices are purely optimized to guarantee excellent repeatability and reliability of the switching behavior.