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Lefoo Differential Pressure Transmitter

A differential pressure transmitter is a device for monitoring pressure changes at two positions

A differential pressure transmitter is composed of a pressure sensor unit (silicon wafer or ceramic-based), a circuit board to convert pressure into a basic charging signal, and a signal amplifier. The unit has two pressure chambers separated by a diaphragm. The differential pressure transducer can measure the pressure difference of the two chambers. We call one chamber the positive-pressure side and the other the negative-pressure side. The circuit board will memorize the shape change of the diaphragm powered by the silicon wafer or ceramic base, which converts the pressure applied onto the diaphragms into an electrical signal.

Differential Pressure Sensor

Typically differential pressure sensors have two ports to which pipes can be attached and connected to the system in two distinct pressure points from where the differential pressure can be measured and calculated. Because industrial sensors are used in systems that require high levels of functional safety and robustness, the interfaces they offer can seem a little unusual. Which used in the right application will provide years of reliability and ease of maintenance.

Differential Pressure sensor Applications

Differential Pressure Sensor

Differential pressure sensors should only measure fluids with densities that don’t change with temperature variation since this will disturb the precision of your measurement. A good differential pressure will ensure that the differential pressure is measured accurately independent of other changing parameters and will reliably transmit a signal to represent the differential pressure. Lefoo, China leading pressure transmitter manufacturer, designs and manufactures high accuracy, robust differential pressure sensor transducers that may involve extremes of pressure, and hazardous areas Such as

Filter monitoring

Sprinkler Systems

Pump control monitoring

Pressure drops across valves.

Water and effluent treatment plants

Heating Systems for Steam or Hot Water.

Pressure drops across valves can be monitored.

ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry

Oil and Gas flow metering in onshore, offshore, and subsea applications

In the medical field, differential pressure sensors are used for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis, infusion pumps, and respirators, and breathing detection equipment.

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