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Differential Pressure Transmitter

LEFOO differential pressure transmitter measures air or non-corrosive gas at the pressure ranges of 0~±100Pa (± 1% F.S), and 0~±1,000Pa(± 0.25%/ ± 0.5% F.S), and 0~±10,000Pa(± 0.25% / ±0.1% F.S). Precise Measure technology+ optional LCD digital display
  • Air Differential Pressure Transducer +
    Air Differential Pressure Transducer

    Differential air pressure sensor
    Protection level:IP65
    Pressure Range 0~±1000~±10000 pa
    Features: Quick installation Spring screw
    Output: 4~20ma /0-5-10v / RS485/4~20ma+ 0~10V

  • Pressure Differential Monitor 0-100 Pa +
    Pressure Differential Monitor 0-100 Pa

    low differential pressure transducer
    Protection level: IP65
    Pressure Range: 0-±100 Pa
    Pressure accuracy: 1% FSO
    Certification: CE&RoHS

  • Air Differential Pressure Transmitter +
    Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

    HVAC differential pressure sensor
    Protection Level: IP65
    Pressure Range: ±1000~±10000 pa
    Pressure Accuracy: 0.25% FSO
    Application Area: For the room, and instruments

  • Low Differential Pressure Transducer +
    Low Differential Pressure Transducer

    Low Differential Pressure Transmitter
    Pressure Range: ±100/±1000/±10000 pa
    Pressure Accuracy: 1%FSO~0.5%FSO
    Display: LCD display / Non Display
    Certification: CE& RoHS

  • Differential Pressure Transducer +
    Differential Pressure Transducer

    Low Differential Pressure Transmitter
    Pressure Range: ±100/±1000/±10000 pa
    Pressure Accuracy: 1%FSO~0.25%FSO
    Display: LCD display
    Dust Proof Design

  • Digital Differential Pressure Gauge +
    Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

    Differential Pressure Gauge / Controller
    Pressure Range: ±100pa~±1000pa~10000pa
    Alarm: Built-in sound and light and buzzer alarm
    Protection Level: IP54+UL(94-VO)plastic+8000Volt
    Optional Output: digital analog +relay switch

  • DP Transmitter +
    DP Transmitter

    Differential Pressure Transmitter
    Sensor type: Germany Mono silicon core
    Pressure Range: 0.2~300Kpa
    Pressure Accuracy: 0.075% FSO /0.05% FSO
    Capable Customization for Various Conditions

  • Differential Pressure Gauge LFB-1 +
    Differential Pressure Gauge LFB-1

    Consists of magnetic spiral movement and a rubber diaphragm as the sensitive element to measure the pressure. LEFOO differential pressure gauge LFB-1 is a kind of elastic strain gauge that displays th...

Brief Introduction of Lefoo Differential pressure transmitter 

Versatile LFM108 differential pressure transmitter ranges from 0~ +50 Pa to 0~ +10 KPa. And customized 34 kpa measuring span is available (HVAC compressor with differential pressure sensor HVAC, low-pressure end of gas energy industry ).

Digital differential pressure transmitter LFM31 with buttons and display is employed for measuring system air pressures, which is available for the user to select appropriate options when observes environmental air pressure changes, Versatile LFM32 Air pressure transmitters are available with the compound version of the outputs signal. While LFM30 is only available for one type from 0~5V,0~10V, 20ma, or RS485. 

The differential pressure transmitter uses the piezoresistive effect of the conductor silicon material of the differential pressure sensor/transducer to realize the conversion between the differential pressure and the electrical signal.

The low differential pressure transducer made by LEFOO pressure control is ideal for the application of monitoring the vacuum pressure, a gauge pressure of air with differential pressure, such as natural gas, and especially low pressure of non-corrosive gases.

DP 810 Differential pressure transmitter is capable of pressure measurement for media such as liquid, solution, oil, glue, chemicals, petroleum gas.

High exactness and long stability are vital for an energy-efficient, well-functioned air ventilation system. LEFOO comes in different models where the most advanced models help you save installation time and cabling through quick and easy assembly steps, which features as below:

1. One air differential pressure transmitter instead of two! Each transmitter holds two pressure inputs. High exactness measurement. High water-resistance functions. Lightning protection.

2. Easy installation, there is plenty of space in the cover and that it is easy to access the wiring.

Vertically or horizontally, No need to worry about placement or hassle during installation.  LEFOO differential pressure transmitters have mounts,  which gives you great flexibility.