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Differential Pressure Sensor LFT2050

Housed in the 304 or 316 stainless steel robust casing, the differential pressure sensor LFT2050 is an optimal pressure monitoring device for monitoring liquid medium pressure changes. This pressure sensor can monitor a higher pressure and a lower pressure and give output data such as 4-20ma, 0-5V,0-10V. And technicians and plumbers can easily find out the filter clogging or fluid density changes.


*0.5% high precision measurement of pressure

*Various signal output (oil-filled silicon sensor)

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Specification of Differential Pressure Sensor T2050

Differential Pressure Sensor

LEFOO Differential Pressure Sensor LFT2050
Measurement Range0~±5kPa……+3.5MPa
Overload Pressure1.5times of full scales
Burst Pressure3、5、10 times of full scales, 20MPa
Accuracy±0.1%F.S, ±0.25%F.S, ±0.5%F.S,
Long Term StabilityTypical value:0.1%F.S Maximum:0.2%F.S
Working Temperature-20℃ ~85℃, -40~120℃
Medium CompatibilityAll corrosive mediums compatible with 1Cr18Ni9Ti and 316L
Output ModeTwo-wired (4~20mA ) / Three-wired(0-10V) Four-wired(RS-485)
Power Supply12~30VDC and others
Load Resistance(U-10)/0.02(Q)
Electric strength500V@60 second
impulse current10g/5 ~2000Hz, axes X/Y /z20g sine 11ms
Protection classM: M12 water-resistant wire leads, IP68; D1:DIN43650 Big Hirschmann, cover IP65, C: M12 Aviation connection
Cable length1 meter / 2 meter / 3meter
Response Time10ms
Pressure endurance2×106 pressure circles@25℃
Electromagnetic CompatibilityElectromagnetic transmit:EN50081-1/-2;Electromagnetic sensitivity:EN50082-2
Lightning-proofAir conduction voltage 8000V, shell or cable conduction voltage 4000V; Custom requirements is capable


Description of Differential Pressure Sensor T2050

T2050 differential pressure transmitter is characterized by anti-electromagnetic interference and lighting proof.

Applications of Differential Pressure Sensor T2050

It is widely used in liquid and water differential pressure test. Such as flow test. Water swage treatment, mine download differential pressure test. Water heat of hydropower station city flood control and drainage, underwater engineering, underwater test, water saving irrigation, terminal control of central air-conditioning, ect.

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