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Lefoo Differential Pressure Transmitter LFT2050

LEFOO LFT2050 differential pressure transmitter uses silicon piezoresistive differential pressure sensors as the core components, and outputs standard industrial signals through temperature compensation, digital circuit correction and signal conditioning. The shell adopts an all-stainless steel structure with strong corrosion resistance. The product has advanced design, perfect technology, sophisticated equipment, stable and reliable, and is widely used in industrial process control, flow measurement, medical instruments, aerodynamic measurement, hydraulic, pneumatic equipment and other fields.


* Compact and easy to install

* High stability, low drift

* Various structures to choose from

* Can be used in industrial applications

Specification of Differential Pressure Transmitter LFT2050

Technical parameter

LEFOO Differential Pressure Transmitter LFT2050
Measurement Range0~10kPa…3.5MPa
Overload Pressure1.5times of full scales
Accuracy±0.25%F.S.(100kPa~3.5MPa) / ±0.5%F.S.(0~100kPa)
Working Temperature-10℃ ~60℃
Storage Temperature-40~100℃
MediumGas or liquid compatible with S304, 316L, fluoro rubber or nitrile rubber
Electrical PerformanceTwo-wiredThree-wiredFour-wired
Output Signal4~20mA0-10VRS485
Power Supply10~36VDC12~36VDC10~30VDC
Electrical connectionDIN43650A(Big Hirschmann), M12 Waterproof outlet, GX12 aviation connector(three cores/four cores),
M12 four-core aviation connector
Pressure ConnectionG1/4、NPT1/4、R1/4、G1/2、7/16-20UNF、M20*1.5、M10*1、M14*1.5 etc.
Pressure FormDifferential ressure D
Protection classIP65
CertificationRoHS, EU electrical safety standards CE



Selection Guide

Code and descriptionRemark
LFT2050Differential Pressure TransmitterModel


A4A4 = 4~20mA(Two-wired)Output Mode
V10V10 = 0~10V(Three-wired)
RSRS = RS485(Four-wired)

KK = kPaUnit
PP = psi
BB = bar
MM = MPa

0.250.25 = 0.25%F.S.Accuracy
0.50.5 = 0.5%F.S.

D1D1 = DIN43650A(Big Hirschmann)Electrical connection
MM = M12 Waterproof outlet
C3C3=GX12 three cores aviation connector
C4C4=GX12 four cores aviation connector
HH = M12 four cores aviation connector

GG = G1/4Pressure connection
NN = NPT1/4
G2G2 = G1/2
M20M20 = M20*1.5
M14M14 = M14*1.5
M10M10 = M10*1
UU = 7/16-20UNF

External thread

RR = R1/4

1.01.0 = 1mCable length
2.02.0 = 2m
3.03.0 = 3m

Selection Example

Features of Differential Pressure Transmitter LFT2050

  • Compact and easy to install

  • High stability, low drift

  • Various structures to choose from

  • Can be used in industrial applications

Applications of Differential Pressure Transmitter LFT2050

It is widely used in liquid and water differential pressure test. Such as flow test. Water swage treatment, mine download differential pressure test. Water heat of hydropower station city flood control and drainage, underwater engineering, underwater test, water saving irrigation, terminal control of central air-conditioning, ect.

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