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Tips for Choosing a Peristaltic Pump Head

Proper use of the pump head can remove many unnecessary obstacles to start-up and operation. The following are factors to consider when choosing a peristaltic pump head feature.

1. Flow range of peristaltic pump

Flow requirements determine the size of the pump tubing and the type of peristaltic pump head for a particular application.

2. Material of peristaltic pump head

The material of the peristaltic pump head must be fire resistant, and the bearings must be protected by the housing to deal with corrosive fluids or harsh environmental conditions. Pump heads with high-performance plastic housings offer the advantages of low weight, high fire resistance and low price.

3. The number of rollers of the peristaltic pump

The flow increases when the rollers on the rotor of the specified size are reduced. But the pulsation also got bigger. When the drum is increased, the pulsation is reduced and the distribution accuracy is improved. However, if the flow is reduced, the life of the peristaltic pump tubing is shortened. In a certain period of time, when the number of rollers of the pump tube increases, the vacuum performance and pressure performance of the pump tube will also improve.

4. The peristaltic pump is easy to assemble

The way the pump tubing is removed can have a big impact on the user's satisfaction with the pump. During pharmaceutical, food supply, and printing processes, pump tubing needs to be replaced frequently (eg, every shift or every day). To save time when cleaning or changing products, using an easy-to-install pump head can save expensive labor costs.

5. How to install the spring peristaltic pump head?

(1) Install a single pump head

When installing or replacing the pump head in actual use, the user can refer to the following methods:

Unscrew the single pump head screw connecting the pump head to the driver, then gently remove the drive pump head back. Align the pump head spindle groove to be replaced with the drive motor spindle shaft and lay it flat. Insert and tighten the two single pump head screws, and screw the pump head into the driver.


Before replacing the peristaltic pump head, please cut off the power first to prevent danger. When tightening the pump head screw, the possible pre-pressure of the screw should be the same, and it should not be too tight to prevent the working noise caused by the deformation of the pump casing.

(2) Install the 2 series pump head

When the pump heads are connected in series, first place the rear pump head shaft flat in the upper stage pump head shaft groove, place the pin holes on the front and rear shells, align the pump heads, and then install according to the individual pump head installation steps driver.

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