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Pressure Measurement

Pressure Measurement

Measurement and Pressure Control ~ LEFOO Product Guide 

Signal Level

4~20 ma    The first measuring data comes from the pressure sensor manufacturer

0~5 V    The upper level data transformed from 4~20ma signal,0~5V is able for Long-distance communication.

0~10 V     The higher level data transmitted from 0~5V,It’s available for electronic noisy situations such as energy industries, Large web server...

RS485    This protocol transmit the measured signals into the signal runs on the RS485 hardware platform, and can realize remote one-to-many control and signal acquisition through the 485 bus. The communication protocol is implemented in accordance with the ModBus RTU standard protocol. 

Sensing Unit

Ceramic Sensing Unit. Economic, stable, and with strong anti--corrosion effect

Oil-filled Silicon Unit  High precise sensing, and lowest electricity consuming

Capacitive Sensing Unit  Cheap sensing unit with high electricity consuming

Strain pressure Sensing Unit For sensing applications small-size device.Not ideal solution for automatic modern industries


Differential pressure transmitter

LF810 The level, density, pressure and the flow of liquid, gas, or steam

LFM11 Building pressurization and air flow control 

LFM30 Fan and blower pressures,filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draft,pressure drop across orifice plates and medical care equipment. 

LF32 Gas burner, central air conditioning 

LFM51 Neutral gas detection 

LFM 108  Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), energy management systems, VAV and fan control, environmental pollution control, static pipelines and clean room pressure, smoke hood control, oven pressurization and furnace ventilation control, etc. 

LFM208 Air and non-corrosive gas

Pressure Sensor and Transmitter

LFT2000 Test systems of gas, fluid medium pressure, such as fire fighting, water treatment, water supply systems, air compressors, pneumatic & hydraulic devices, and factory automation, etc 

LFT2000 W  Pressure transmitter is specially designed for constant pressure frequency and water supply system from Lefoo pressure transmitter manufacturer

LFT2700 For gauge pressure or absolute pressure applications, the diffused silicon flat film threaded sensor can measure viscous media directly, such as chemical coatings, paint detection systems,environmental protection, and coal mines, papermaking, food processing, polyurethane equipment, crude oil and other viscous media. 

LFT2800 Measurement of medium pressure in test systems such as fire fighting, water treatment, water supply systems, air compressors, pneumatic devices, and factory automation, etc. 

LFT3000 It can be put into the liquid directly to measure the height of the liquid level from the end of the transmitter to the liquid surface. It is widely used for water level or liquid level measurement and control in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, urban water supply, and hydrological exploration. 

LFT3100 This product can be using in application to crude oil, foods processing, water treatment systems, and other industries. 

LFT6200 It is widely used for gas and liquid pressure detection, such as water, oil, mildly corrosive liquid and gas.

LFT6700 Fire tank, fire extinguishing equipment,constant pressure water supply, real-time monitoring of oil Wells, pressure measurement, etc.  

LFT6800 Can be widely using for measuring the pressure of gas, water, oil, fuels and other corrosive medium to monitor and display the pressure value in real time. 

LFT221 Mainly using for water treatment industry, with the characteristics of small size, light weight, compact structure, and good stability


LFG201 It is suitable for indoor air quality detection, air conditioner, air purifier, vegetable greenhouse and other occasions precision gas measurement and control.

Pressure Controller

LFDS10  It can be used in a variety of industrial applications, such as industrial system to confirm the adsorption of electronic parts, to confirm the total pressure or to detect the air leakage. 

LFDS61  intelligent pressure controller is an intelligent control instrument which

integrates pressure measurement, display and control ability 

LFDS63 Designed with a full-engineering plastic case and the high-contrast LCD digital display,it enables the product to be used in various industrial applications,and the relay output is automatically controlled according to the pressure change. 

LFDS65  Intelligent control instrument which integrates pressure measurement, large LCD screen display and control ability 


LFG201  It measures the concentration of the measured gas (CO2) by measuring the degree of

infrared light absorption. 

LFM-110-W  HVAC, filter pressure drop monitoring, flue gas treatment, textiles, chemicals, aviation, power plants, coal mines, pipeline air flow, variable air volume systems, micro-wind speed measurement fields, such as biological safety cabinets, operating rooms, clean rooms, biological laboratories, electronics, medical environment. 

LFH10  It is widely used in various fields that need to measure and control the temperature and humidity, such as workshop , station, building,meteorology, scientific research, chemical industry, hotel, medical treatment, environmental protection, food and other materials storage, HVAC, etc. 

LFW10  The measured temperature value can be converted into a proportional electrical signal output. 

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